Saturday, January 29, 2011


I LOVE A GOOD KITTY! In my mind though ALL kitties are good.  My own personal kitty, Handsome is the light of my life...well my husband AND my kitty. Handsome has a great attitude and is my personal assistant during all my lessons and does an excellent job of distracting hosting the students as they enter and exit.  He also is an excellent help when it comes to doing homework. 

I enjoy the antics of other kitties of the world as well.  For a long while, "Nora the piano playing cat" was my favorite...this may be my new favorite!  I'm not sure whether to cry, laugh, or go snuggle my own kitty!  This is so amazing! Check it out. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

craigslist frenzy

I tell ya what...There are times I look on craigslist and I don't see a single thing worth inquiring about.  Today was a rainstorm of good items.  All of which have been posted for over a month.  Has it really been that long since I searched or did I just miss these goodies previous times?

I've been hunting for a buffet or hutch for the dining room.  I've seen several blog posts that give details about buying something that looks like this...

And turning it in to something that looks like this...

 Via: Domino

Or this something that looks like that....

Via: Windsor Smith

While I do love a good mirror reflection of myself, I'm not so sure that putting mirrors in this piece would be the best investment. Instead of mirror, I think it would be cool to put silver leaf or gold leaf (as I have recently picked up an interested in gold) on the inside of the doors so that the hutch wasn't see through  but still would be reflective from the outside. 

So basically, it would look like the door on the left...

Via: Windsor Smith

While I like this idea a lot and think it would be really cool to work on a piece of furniture like this I'm also more inclined to go for something like this, which was my original idea...

Via: Matthew Izzo/Worlds Away

Which piece would you pick?  Something refurbished or something new and slick? Either option would be amazing, one requires going to pick it up at the store, the other requires a little, okay a lot of elbow grease.

Kelly Wearstler Flame Stitch

I have enjoyed viewing Kelly Wearstler's projects for the past couple of years, okay let's say 3 years.  When I first started seeing her work, I wasn't sure if I liked it...kind of like how the first time I had a really good Bordeaux I wasn't sure if I liked it.  I would defiantly say that Ms. W has a style unlike others, and that it is an acquired taste.  As my design (and wine) "palate" has matured I more and more enjoy seeing what she puts out well as a good Bordeaux! 

For those who are unfamiliar with Kelly she is!

Everybody, this is Kelly...Kelly, this is everybody.

photos via Google images

For the past year I have kept a collection of photos from her project that inspire me. As some might guess I am a fan of traditional shapes with contemporary coverings. Case in point, my Queen Anne sofa obsession.  This has now matriculated to wing back chairs and X-benches.

The wing back chair pictured below is beautiful.  At first glimpse I thought it was just atrocious! Then I started to look at the shapes and lines as well as how the fabric complimented the piece.  After several viewings of this photo my feelings flew to the opposite corner.  And never mind that this particular chair probably cost multiple thousands of dollars!

No idea where I initially saw this photo but if you search 
hard enough anything pops up on Google images.

The fabric pictured in this photo is (I believe) Kelly Wearstler's Flame Stitch.  While I never actually found this color combination this option frequently popped up. 

And today was my lucky day.  I frequently search craigslist for buried treasures. 
Here was the golden prize for today:

photo: Craigslist

The wings are deep, the fabric is in good shape, the piece is solid.  It may not be her fabric, but golly gee it is awfully close. I think it would look great next to my various shades of gray or white walls.

So what do we think, readers? Is it gold or garbage? 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boden USA

In the wee, small hours of the morning I was awake and decided to do a little blog spotting.  I follow a few blogs in Australia and they usually post then.  I like to follow links, which usually leads me to new favorite blogs and even a few of the allusive "unknown". Today my unknown is a company called Boden USA. Here are a few pieces I really LOVE. I think I could very possibly order every piece in yellow and navy.  What cute clothes and in such fun colors, check it out!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It could be...

I have been thinking about the various options for recovering this sofa and painting the legs, as they're rather scuffed up.  Today while reading on my blog list I gained a twinkle in my eye for this sofa upholstery when I caught a glimpse of this...


Yes, while the Kate Spade logo is quite fine...take a look at that sofa in the background...huh, huuh, huuuh? that looks a little familiar doesn't it? I don't believe that is a queen anne but that's still light blue fabric! Perhaps it's something worth  keeping? I wonder what the legs look like.

In other news...

This is one of the first pieces of furniture I acquired when I moved into my first apartment in college.  My parents bought it at an antique store and it landed in my apartment.  That's all I really know. It served for many years as a desk chair, and for the past 3 years has been the chair I use to sit in while teaching piano lessons.  In short, this puppy gets used A LOT. 
I've been thinking about painting it, and while I don't trust my own hand to do this chair justice, I would still like to see it styled to fit the decor of the rest of the room as it remains out most of the time.  

Today also while blog reading I found this link via 10rooms and thought it an interesting option for my chair. 

I like the white and blue.  Perhaps I would use white and red or hot pink, or if I wanted to go super "out there" I'd use red and gold.  Wouldn't that be sassy!

AND in a completely different context...

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to all.  I drove down past the Lorraine today.  While passing by I saw the longest line I've ever seen (EVER) waiting to pay homage to Dr. King and tour the Civil  Rights Museum.  What an experience to be in that place on this day. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

inspiration photos for a friday

Such a great dining room picture.  I have big white curtains and framing all the way around the room.  My dining room is currently painted a golden dark yellow shade (hard to describe, but perhaps you get the picture) with the rooms connecting to it crisp white and dashing grey respectively. The crown molding around this ceiling is in the same shape as ours as well.  Our ceiling is perhaps not as tall as this one is but it's nothing to slouch in.  I've been looking at graphic back and white wall paper to put in the framing but now seeing how this fits together, it sort of makes my heart beat fast.  Also, would be much cheaper.  Something to think about!

via: Design Sponge/Blue Hydrangea

Now...I've been looking at front doors all my life.  I love front doors. A good front door is almost better than a painting in my book (my very small book).  The front door pictured below is exactly what I would select to put on our house should I actually be able to find a front door molded like that.  I love the glossy paint, the central brass door knob and all that encompasses this dashing classic. Ding dong you say, please come on in!  Oh, and P.S. please sign me up for two of those chairs! 

via: bien cuit

Happy Friday to all of you bloggers out in blog world! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

fun things

Check out these cool-nifty desk things from iomoi! I love a good writing/desk utensil, don't you? 

odd and ends for a Thursday afternoon

This morning I went with a friend to pick out a new desk chair.  There were options to be had, and decisions to be weighed.  No desk chairs were purchased but there were a few other odds and ends that came home with me today...

A random trip to Anthropologie brought home these ikat bowls.  

Aren't they darling? I bought one over the summer when Anthro last had them.  When I looked on line and saw that they had returned I assumed that they would be the same size as they were the last time.  WRONG!  They're approximately half the size as before. 

Naturally, they do still possess that same quality of "je ne sais quoi" that makes me love them. 

In addition to these little dandies, was the purchase of this book...

Let's see if this will provide any aid to being more "savvy". 

Warby Parker - Part Deux

My Warby Parker frames arrived today!  How exciting.  Boutique luxury delivered right to your doorstep!

They arrived packed in a nice white shipping box and inside the shipping box is this delightful black hipster box! 

When you open it you hear a "TA-DA" sung by a choir of divas and your eyes light up like Christmas morning.

I originally ordered only 3 pairs and about 4 days later I received an email from them saying that they had selected 2 additional pairs to ship to me to preview at home as well.  How about that for "a job well done".  Today I quickly tried on the 2 pairs of frames that I was the most excited about, the 3rd pair I selected was just for fun.  I really like the Roosevelt and the Thompson.  Though these frames come in colors that might be considered a little less of a risk, I was kind of thinking..."gee as long as I'm going to go out there on a limb I might as well go all the way out on the limb." So here I am with a blue and crystal pair of frames.



Roosevelt and Thompson, although I don't believe I'll wear them together. 

Can you tell which pair I'm leaning towards?

Yup, these are my favs.  

As for the other 3 pairs that came in the swanky box...

The Wiloughby (bottom left), The Huxley (middle) and The Digby...the hubster (not to be confused with hipster) selected the Digby! 

You might be wondering how I found out about these little gems...check this out for more information on the company! 

P.S. I couldn't wait for my hair to dry and for my make up to be put on...yes I look like I just got out of the pool! I do deee-claaare! I'm not doing my part as a "southern lady".....OH WELL!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JoNaThAN AdLeR...he's at it again!

That's right, I said he's at it again.  And what I mean by "it" is that he's at it at trying to get my money!
Today I got an email with new items, which included the illustrious, fabulous Moroccan Poufs! It's bad enough that I already lust over his beautiful X-Stools now I'm all over his poufs!  (Geez, that's starting to sound dirty!)

Monday, January 10, 2011


So I finally acquired a camel back/Queen Anne Sofa...what's next (you're asking)? X-Stools and Benches! It seems like they're everywhere. If there's not a garden stool (which I now have 3 of) it's an X-Stool.

 via: google images

The two stools in the photo above have a varied leg shape, which still resembles the X, just in a slightly swankier way. It fits my symmetrical soul for there to be 2 of things, although I am also prone to odd numbers of things.  In this case, it all depends on the size of the stools in consideration with the console table I wish to place them under. 

 via: Google images

via: Google images

The two stools pictured above look like Jonathan Adler stools, don't you think? Highly desirable but with the price tag, not nearly as much. 

Jonathan Adler via: Google Images

Jonathan Adler via: Google Images
While in the midst of my search for a more affordable option in terms of actually acquiring one of these I found these two options.  One from Target and one from Sears.  Who knew, I can't tell you the last time I looked at the Sears web page (other than for appliances).  Both of these options would require a little leg work to make them fit into the room, but at these prices, it certainly seems like a more realistic option. 


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