Monday, December 30, 2013

Thoughts as we close 2013

This year brought really good things...
01. We rang in 2013 with really good friends. 
02. Celebrated my 30th birthday in January
03. Many good concerts (attended and participated in)
04. Spring Break in San Fran
05. Graduation from Union University with 2nd Masters
06. Acceptance into University of Memphis Doctoral Program
07. We rented our midtown house (to the most lovely tenants ever)
08. Moved to our new house in East Memphis - A.K.A. #dwh2
09. 4th of July in DC on the choir tour
010. Second summer at Juilliard in NYC
011. Week in Florida before school started
013. First semester of ed doc work - yes it was fun!
014. Great semester of music lessons.
015. Great fall with activities at St. John's and St. Mary's. 
(The hubs and I work for the Saints.)
016. My Family visited from Kansas in June and November. 
017. Geoff's Dad came in December. 
018. Successful programs and services in December.
019. Health and Safety - I should have said it sooner. 
020. Lots of rehab to our beloved #dwh2. 
021. Lots of goodness on the horizon for 2014! 

With that goodness in mind - here is some graphic text/perspective curtsey of Pinterest.

38 hours left in 2013. 
Here comes 2014...and many more! 

(images: via the ol' Pinterest )

#dwh2 : The entry way

I posted a couple days ago about the entry way in #dwh2. Instead of verbalizing a lengthy post. I'll let the photos tell the story.  I went a little crazy using my "Beautiful Mess" appIt is a good one.  The editing options directly on the photo are excellent. it is...the entry way mid way through the project.

At this point the paneling has been filled/sanded/primed/filled, etc.  The before/during photo gives me butterflies. I am so excited for the entry way to be finished. The bar is also going through this transformation at the same time.  But for now, let's focus on how much brighter the entry way is!

Can't wait to share more photos when it's finished! Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

#dwh2 : Wood Paneling

It is safe to say that we have a hearty dose of dark solid wood paneling in our house. There were actually two positive components to that last sentence (if you can believe it).  1. that the paneling is solid wood and not faux and 2. that it is dark wood. Believe it or not the paneling is pretty, there is just A  LOT of it. 

We have been in the house now for 7 months and it is now time to paint some of the paneling. First up, the entry way and the bar. The entry way is a defined area as is the bar.  Both rooms are near to the living room, which is another space that is covered in paneling.  The bar and the entry do not have as much light, thus they are for sure getting painted as the areas are dark.  So here are some before so we can remember the dark wood paneling in all the 1960s glory.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Table 2013

It is safe to say that Thanksgiving 2013 as come and gone - we are past Christmas at this point.
#sheesh. This post was saved in my drafts and I never (either/and/or) 1. never finished it 2. remembered that it was there 3. forgot what I was going to say 4. All of thee above.

4 is the likely answer in this scenario. The table was fun. The family was here.  Tasty food was consumed. All good things to be thankful for in 2013. 

Christmas Holiday 2013

Handsome made his annual trip to Kansas. 
He is reporting excellent conditions. 
I always worry he won't want to come back home with us.


It's nice to have a little time for R&R and to celebrate the holiday season.
Happy and Merry to all! 
Here comes 2014.


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