Saturday, June 16, 2012

O, Canada you're nearly here!

By this time next week we will be in O, Canada!

Needless to say my main man friend is a little bit excited about the voyage to his homeland.

Handsome has elected NOT to go on this trip. Or...rather...we elected for him. He has a kitty sitter while we are gone to help him nap and play in his house. We boarded him once at the nicest kitty-condo in the Mid South. We payed for that little experience for months. Lesson learned...get Handsome a 24 hour, in house kitty sitter. To Handsome it's a kitty sitter, to the rest of the world, it's a house sitter.  You see how he rolls?

And as for me...Hello. 
It's hard to pack all of the things I need to do in the next week given I'll then be gone for 3 weeks! Summer School is rolling along nicely.  I'm taking 2 classes that will be finished before we depart on Saturday morning...(meaning: GOD WILLING I get all of my homework done) I'm also teaching 2 music camps at the school I work at. Week 1 was this past week and was so much fun! I had the most precious little (Early Childhood) munchkins. Week 2 shall provide to be equally fabulous, I'm sure. This time with a bit older (Elementary) munchkins. Piano and voice lessons continue as per usual.

My motto through doing this second masters degree has been:

Sometimes it's hard to believe my own words, this week in particular.
Lots to do and all in less than a week.

I would imagine that in a year or 2 I'll look back at this time capsule and think, "YOU WERE NUTS".  It's interesting to see how a blog will serve as a reminder as time and personalities change. 

ON with this particularly shady Saturday, and the mountain of homework that is piled next to me.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Royals know how to throw a party.

I've been clicking through the plethora of photos from HRH's celebration. 
 There is a lot to see, smile about, laugh about and...gasp about. 
I love this photo.  Kate is just fabulous (to me).
I also loved this photo because my husband pointed out to me 
that he too wore one of those uniforms. Well...there it is. 
The truth lies in the uniform. Or perhaps it's the hat? 

Happy Jubilee, HRH!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I see stripes

Geoff and I acquired this china cabinet around Christmas time this past year.  I was absolutely thrilled to have it arrive in our dining room as it has been something I've desired for quite some time.  To be exact, since we got married and I had china to put in one.  And as they say, good things come to those who wait. This is an Ethan Allen circa mid 1990s. Great construction, very sturdy and the finish is pristine. The only problem is that the finish is pristine.  Yes you read that right.  Knowing my aesthetic, it is very difficult for me to leave something as it comes. I usually have to tweak it in some way and my vision for this involved a big bucket of paint.  Unfortunately, I'm just not going to do it. It is way to pretty regardless of my personal aesthetic.  So...what can be done as a temporary fix that won't hurt the piece.  

STEP 1.....EMPTY the china cabinet.
Naturally Handsome was no help what so ever.  (he was napping as per usual).
This was actually the hardest part of the job the actual project was a snap.

STEP 2...enter the actual project.
When I was at Seabrook (paint store) earlier in the afternoon I was perusing the wallpaper section. I love wallpaper, I'm just never able to commit/afford it. This however was my most lucky day. Not only was I able to commit, it was exactly what I was looking for AND it was on sale. Had been $40, purchase price, $7.99.  KA-BOOM!

As you know, I have a thing for black and white.  As displayed in the vast majority of my decorating, my clothing, and yes my cat. So this print should be no surprise to anyone who has laid eyes on me or my things before.

In less than 20 minutes I had the paper up the shelves back in and was ready to reload the china cabinet.  Reloading was actually fun because I wanted to change the position of some of the pieces AND they needed cleaning.  So, win/win.

It may not be forever, but it is for right now. I'm excited about the paper and the way it looks with the dishes. It matches my curtains and table/chairs and the bright yellow rug that is on the floor.
What's up next? Paint for the walls!!!

For now a little....


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