Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bluestar Stove - in my kitchen ?

Ladies and Gents may I new kitchen puppy love....Blue star Stoves.  I am a super fan of Sixx Design, AKA the new Bravo success, 9 By Design.  This past week they featured Blue star in their Hamptons reno project.  Cortney went in search of "3 stoves for several projects" she was working on, one of which was a lemon yellow.  She designed a beautiful space, that was VERY white...but in a lacquer way.  The yellow stove was for sure the design perfection feature of the room.  Kind of like a nice fireplace is often the focal point in a living room.  After several successful Google searches I found out that not only can New Yorkers purchase these delightful stoves, but so can Memphians!  Should you not be interested in a yellow stove, Blue star offers 189 other options to perfectly style your kitchen.  
Lately I have been interested in adding to my red collection in the kitchen and have entertained the idea of a red stove.  How boss would that be?  I also like the basic stainless steel with red knobs.  That would be a cool alternative to the entire stove base being red.  For extra fun check out the blue star web page and click until your heart is content!  You've got dozens of greens, browns,'s amazing! You can even change the shades of the knobs, the door hinges....AMAZING!  Blue star where have you been all my life?
In addition to my vast interest in colorful stoves, is my interest in a stainless steel back splash to go behind the stove.  Currently our stove sits below a microwave, that 4 weeks ago decided not to work any longer.  In a perfect world (do they really exist) I would purchase one of these stoves and a fabulous 21" back splash (guard as they call it). 

Currently, our kitchen has light colored wood Craft Made cabinets...similar to these below.  Our floors are a slate, also pictured below.  

 If I could re-do the kitchen, I would paint all the cabinets in a white lacquer, white marble counter tops, and do a stainless back splash as displayed in these pictures.  
(or subway tile might be to much white though)

These 3 photos from the "desirable" kitchen come from ikea!  The cabinetry is all from ikea with blue star appliances!  What a tasty kitchen.  I'm impressed with the way they delivered so much function in such a small space.   Who knew a galley kitchen could be so chic.  While our kitchen is not a galley kitchen it is a small space.  It seems like so many kitchen projects displayed by designers are in massive kitchens and that doesn't provide a very realistic perspective to what a small kitchen reno option would be like.  Thank you ikea.  (pictured in the ikea kitchen: Liebherr counter depth fridge
Blue Star 30″ range
Miele 18″ dishwasher
Prestige 30″ recirculating range hood)

The kitchen below has all of the ideal elements as far as cabinet and counter top colors and light fixtures.  I love this kitchen.  My  kitchen is still probably half the size of this kitchen but it does display a realistic perspective of what things could look like.     
(Photos courtesy of Blue star appliances, ikea, and blue high heel in the door)


  1. to quote SATC, I see the blue star stove and think "hello, lover..."

    very cute. I'm loving the inspiration pics.

  2. Do you know how much these Bluestar stoves cost? I saw the yellow one on "9 by Design." I want one when I grow up :)

  3. Azalea-these stoves are fabulous! It depends on the size but they range $3-4000 on the low end and go up,up, up!
    Stainless is the cheapest, the colors cost more! Check out their web page, you can design your own!

  4. When I bought my house through costa rica homes for sale
    I expected to have a big stove in the kitchen with a huge space, now I am really happy because I can cook every kind of recipe in my huge stove. I really love it.

  5. I bought a 6 burner 36" BlueStar stove a couple years ago and absolutely love it! Even on days when I merely boil water, I feel like a King in my kitchen. The stove is so simple, so easy to clean and, so far, so reliable that I cannot imagine living without it. The burners are hot, but if too hot one can stack the burner grates on top of each other if necessary.

    It does seem to matter where one purchases it, however. In NYC, Gringers on the lower east side were excellent, on time, did everything they said they would do, installed it perfectly. Then BlueStar sent round a service guy to check everything out. I received an extra year on the warranty for letting him do it.

    The company seems to be going overboard to correct previous service problems, at least out here. I totally recommend this stove.


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