Monday, March 26, 2012

Boot Scooting

This evening is my last at home before the spring 4th quarter begins at school (where I go, not teach at). I'm doing a little on line browsing.  This evening I was on the hunt for some ankle boots.  My friend Elizabeth does not like ankle boots...And so we do not talk about them but I thought "talking" about them via blog post might suffice.

There was a pair of Tory Burch leopard boots I just loved.  In fact I ordered them, then they sat in my closet and I didn't wear them and finally...I decided to return them. Now, 4 months later I'm having a major sad face because I let them go.  What in the world was I thinking?  Just because I didn't wear them that week didn't mean I wouldn't wear them ever.  Sheesh.  Have I not learned anything about myself in my time...buying my own shoes?

None the less my void for ankle boots has not been filled.  Tonight, however, my hunt for ankle boots resulted in a completely different style find.  Rather than animal print calf hair, and stilletto...I found flat and with a splash of country. I've gone to the polar opposite.  Not only do I currently (this week at least) desire a different style, I've gone from Tory Burch to Aerosoles. Yes go on, laugh it out because I surely am.

 Via: Aerosoles

Via: Tory Burch 
Patricia Leopard  High Heel Bootie

Fortunately for me, my shoe desires are short lived and pass with the season.
Besides, it's sandal weather, why am I shopping for boots anyway!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break in New Orleans

Well after spending a few days in the "New York City of the South"...
I can totally say I (heart) N.O. 

Last week we spent 5 lovely days in the
beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The Canadian and I jumped in the car with the enthusiasm of children 
on Christmas morning for the somewhat short drive (6 hours). 

We were in New Orleans for 8 days about 2 years
ago but for a different purpose.
We were working with a group of high school
youth through the Episcopal Disaster Relief Organization.

We spent the bulk of our time in the St. Bernard Parish working
on a house that had been nearly destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.
The youth really grew up that week as they dry walled
and "mudded" the entire house. It was some of the
hardest yet most rewarding work I have ever done. 

As we entered the city this time,
we reflected upon our previous visit.  
How much fun we had with the kids,
the good food we consumed, the many laughs we had. 

The purpose of this trip was to EAT. 
This is why you go to New Orleans.
In fact, don't go there, unless you plan on eating!

The Central Grocery: Muffuletta 

Cochon: ANYTHING! 
This place has been in the NY Times! 
You need a reservation. 
We were fortunate to walk in after the lunch 
reservation crowd and got a table. 
This was a complete fluke, MAKE A RESERVATION!

Frankie and Johnny's: Po Boy Sandwich
This place looks like something you'd drive past and
 never get out of the car. But trust me, you want 
to pull your wagon over at this dive! 

A little dose of St. Patrick's Day.

Cafe Du Monde: YUM
Wait in the line, trust me. 
It's a great American pastime. 

The city has a heavy French influence...
Praise the Lord because it sure is good!

The most delicious oysters from the 
Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter.

The Carousal Bar in The Hotel Monteleone is fabulous!
A must see in New Orleans.  
For the folks in Memphis, it is a lot like the Peabody.
Full of history, great crowd to be amongst. 

The sights are great from one end of 
Magazine Street to the other.  
This was in the garden at a restaurant. 
On St. Patrick's day these taps flowed green. 

Happy Hour in New Orleans: They're everywhere. 
We were frequenters of the happy hour 
at Rum House on Magazine Street. 

The Architecture in New Orleans is glorious! 
So many pretty things to see. 

An antique store on Magazine Street...
...are monumental!

While strolling down Magazine Street...
I found a piece of Worlds Away furniture 
in one of the VERY lovely interior design stores.
After working with this company, 
it sure is neat to see these pieces out in the world. 

The Canadian can't go on a voyage 
without visiting a church. 
So we did.  Quite a few actually. 

Joan of Arc looks out over the French Quarter.

St. George's Episcopal School:Classic Building 

This house is so beautiful.  
There are rows upon rows of houses that look like this. 

And speaking of looking at houses....

We gave up on driving the car and trying to find 
parking and rented these two sassy things.
I have never had so much fun. 
Quite seriously, these scooters are on the top of my "fun" list!

Yes, we wore helmets. 

Here I am getting a tutorial from the store on Magazine Street
on the first day.  We rented them for two days. 

What a great trip. 
Riding the scooters and playing in the sun was amazing. 
We left with a little tan (me with a little burn) and full tummies.
I highly recommend a trip to New Orleans! 


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