Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kelly Wearstler Flame Stitch

I have enjoyed viewing Kelly Wearstler's projects for the past couple of years, okay let's say 3 years.  When I first started seeing her work, I wasn't sure if I liked it...kind of like how the first time I had a really good Bordeaux I wasn't sure if I liked it.  I would defiantly say that Ms. W has a style unlike others, and that it is an acquired taste.  As my design (and wine) "palate" has matured I more and more enjoy seeing what she puts out well as a good Bordeaux! 

For those who are unfamiliar with Kelly she is!

Everybody, this is Kelly...Kelly, this is everybody.

photos via Google images

For the past year I have kept a collection of photos from her project that inspire me. As some might guess I am a fan of traditional shapes with contemporary coverings. Case in point, my Queen Anne sofa obsession.  This has now matriculated to wing back chairs and X-benches.

The wing back chair pictured below is beautiful.  At first glimpse I thought it was just atrocious! Then I started to look at the shapes and lines as well as how the fabric complimented the piece.  After several viewings of this photo my feelings flew to the opposite corner.  And never mind that this particular chair probably cost multiple thousands of dollars!

No idea where I initially saw this photo but if you search 
hard enough anything pops up on Google images.

The fabric pictured in this photo is (I believe) Kelly Wearstler's Flame Stitch.  While I never actually found this color combination this option frequently popped up. 

And today was my lucky day.  I frequently search craigslist for buried treasures. 
Here was the golden prize for today:

photo: Craigslist

The wings are deep, the fabric is in good shape, the piece is solid.  It may not be her fabric, but golly gee it is awfully close. I think it would look great next to my various shades of gray or white walls.

So what do we think, readers? Is it gold or garbage? 

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