Monday, May 30, 2011

Missed Opportunity Has Been Saved!

Remember THIS GUY?

When Mom and Dad came from Kansas for graduation a couple of weeks ago, this fellow came in the trunk with them! Hooray it wasn't a missed opportunity after all! Three cheers for the handy, dandy parents for picking this mirror up! For the past two weeks he has been on top of the fireplace with my face vase. A more realistic spot is in the works!  

Where would you put this mirror if you had it in your house? 

Memorial Day On Line Shopping

Any lady who is up on shopping knows that Memorial Day is a hotbed for deals and steals.  Since the increased access to the internet, the shopping opportunities have completely blow up!  What's better than sitting in your "home clothes" sipping on a beer/glass on wine, eating a Nathan's Hot Dog and internet shopping? It's great I tell you, just great.

Earlier this weekend I mentioned that I was rug shopping and showed this rug as a potential option:

Then yesterday I was on my way home from church and found a yellow rug that hit the spot, both in need and for the pocket book.  I still had a big interest in the black and white stripe...I just couldn't figure out how it would play in to the weekend.  Another miracle struck.  I found this cute little ditty.

Now usually, folks are doing this the other way around.  They're taking pieces of clothes and then turning it into a room design.  Ha! Apparently I'm living in reverse day because I took the design piece and now am going to turn it into an outfit.  Behold, JC Penny has come to the rescue.  This is mildly humorous because I don't think I've ever purchased anything from a JC Penny.  How is it that I've made it through 28 years of American life without?

As per the on line receipt, in 7-10 business days my skirt will be in my hands and hopefully it will fit my desire as well as my waistline.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Citrus obsession

Yesterday I blogged about my newly acquired RUG DESIRE, and guess on the way home from church my desire was filled! (I think).   This was the opposite of a missed opportunity, it was more of a bird nest on the ground.  I pulled the car over quicker when I saw this big bolt of yellow on the ground than if I was being flagged for speeding my a police officer.  A few quick minutes later I was rolling away with our new yellow wool colored rug!

After I dismantle the growing pile of laundry from the north end of our master bedroom, I plan to roll this puppy out to blend with our blue/gray walls and crisp white bedding.

Now for "additional additionals", as my father and I say.  I have a new lamp and shade to sit in our living room.  I will chalk this one up as an occupational hazard.  Something I (along with my poor husband) fear will be somewhat regular what with the new j-o-b.

And yes, the lamp shade does still have plastic on it.  I was testing the waters before I gave it the two thumbs up approval.  The orange (yet another citrus shade in the house) lamp shade plastic has now been removed and this big fella' sits plastic free on the console table in our living room.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rug and Chair Desire

I'm prowling for a new rug.  

My instincts while I play "hunter-gatherer" tell me orange, green, or white...

My search started at - great shipping, great options

Rug # 1
This also comes in grey and a tanish/green

Rug #2
This rug also comes in white (which I will also show) and green 

Nimbus in Ivory (would put in dressing room)

Nimbus in green-destination unknown

Rug #3
Going in a completely different direction

Rug #4
This is a great doubt about it and is a 
combination of two colors in our master bedroom.

In addition to my rug interest, I am also looking for an office chair.
One with wheels, and in white. 
Thank you O for giving me some good options!

The Graduate

By now this is old news, but still newsworthy in the story of my life...
you know...the one that is Mrs. Dow-Ward's Neighborhood.
On May 14th I graduated from Seminary.  Yahoo.  "Amen." 

Me at Memphis Theological Seminary...With my Clyde

My Mother and I after graduation, they actually gave us our diplomas the day of the graduation!
I just got my diploma from my undergrad about 2 months ago.  5 years big deal. 

My Mom and Pop after graduation downtown at the Peabody where we had celebratory drinks with the ducks. 

Graduation flowers in a Kate Spade vase Geoff gave me the first Valentine's day in Memphis.

Graduation flowers with my new Jonathan Adler table runner

The naked table

These flowers were so pretty, hot pink peonies, red daisy, red tulips

Mrs. Dow-Ward with newly acquired Memphis Theological Seminary diploma. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 'rents

These are my parents.  

They're greater than great.  Better than the best, more wonderful than wonderful defines. 
They are wonderful teachers, leaders, shepherds, servant I need to go on? You get the point.  In 2011 language..THEY ROCK!  Tomorrow, they will celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary.  

I'm so very proud of their accomplishments individually, as a couple, as parents, as professionals...
again I need not go on, you get the idea. 

If I could send them a round of applause, play them "happy birthday", hire a marching band I would. None of that seems like enough though to share with them how much I love them and how proud I am of them. So, instead I'm going to go for the 2011 version of display of affection....
I'm blogging about them. They're the best, and I'm so thankful to call them my parents!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

blue suede...sofa

Okay so not so much suede, but more velvet. 
Blue Suede Shoes, Velvet Elvis, whatever. 
Back in December, in fact right before Christmas Eve, this little dandy was delivered to our living room via a nice fellow from Craigslist.   I have considered recovering it for months, had always planned on purchasing a queen anne for "cheap" to re cover.  Then I found this one and thought, "hmmm I don't have to recover that right away because the color is tolerable." And so it is...I am tolerating it. 

Here is my happy Queen Anne, sunning it up in the sun room.  
Fed with yummy pillow and a fur. 

Last week while we were in NYC, I went to both Kate Spade stores (Soho and 5th Ave).  I was after staging and color inspiration understand, right? While in the 5th Ave store (just south of the flatiron building) my memorized self stopped came screeching to a freeze. Behold!  Feast your eyes on this:

She's not a Queen Anne, but she is a well loved (or at least made to looks as such), light blue velvet sofa. Can you believe it?  My content self, just became ever more content!

In other news....

Tuesday night we had a little yard work done.  Our front beds now display 6 boxwoods, 3 per side.
They'll need some trimming once they root, I hope they make it!

As my friend Kathryn said this week...."it's the little things"!  I couldn't agree more!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ah, the big city!

cell phone check ups/ins at the airport

We had some delicious food, of all varieties

Luke's Lobster near Alphabet City

We visited many a church...have I mentioned 
we are professional Christians? 

Walking on the high line

We went to see this fabulous little ditty with Daniel Radcliff

Hanging out in Bryant Park is always a "win"

Monday night with the Village Vanguard

in the fitting room at the Kate Spade flagship store

fabulous, yes...I'll give you an entire post 
on my KSNY store visits this week

Tory Burch by the high line....purrrr

Alexander McQueen at the Met

Jimmy Fallon visit #2

last night in NYC, a bottle of good wine while
 resting up for our 9:30 dinner reservation. 

The annual trip is never long enough, but always well enjoyed!
Until next year...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happiness for a Happy Monday!

I hope you've all got your clothes laid out and your lunches packed because it is time for yet another super fun Monday!  I'm so excited to begin my second week at Worlds Away while closing down my final project at seminary.  Graduation is less than two weeks away. I'm so pumped, and super happy!


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