Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do you have to say for yourself?

Q: What do you have to say for yourself?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Yesterday the hubster-oosky mentioned to me that I hadn't posted in nearly 2 weeks (insert social gasp).
I didn't know he was a frequent follower, apparently so.  I guess it is also his way of finding out what project I'm working on, since I usually post it before I share it.

As per what I'm dreaming up these days, the answer is very little. I've been enjoying our home, living in it, leaving my piles of clothes everywhere, and taking some fairly substantial naps.  Sounds good right?

In the past few weeks our schedule has revolved around a hefty performance schedule, all by the hubster-oosky.  He has done a solo recital, hosted the St. Olaf Choir, was the clinician/conductor for the All-West Tennessee Children's Festival Chorus, and this past Friday night lead the Memphis Chamber Choir and Memphis Boychoir in concert.  Sort of nutty but that's he he rolls. As for me, I am just trying to make it to May 14, graduation day for Memphis Theological Seminary.  This past week, the bursar's office phoned for my cap/gown size.  That was REALLY exciting.

Now, let's get back to those piles I was mentioning.  Not only has our dressing room absorbed 5 loads of clean laundry (all still in baskets) but downstairs our piles of music and scores has started to take over portions of the living room and sun room.  I'd like to say that some of this music has traveled home from the church and is in limbo whilst waiting for the trip back, but sadly...a lot of it is mine.  I'm on the hook for this one.

I've been able to keep the piles mostly secured and reserved to a few locations all accessible to the piano, but alas, the heaps are starting to spread to other locations.

When I was a wee piano pupil one of my teachers used to keep her books and scores in a high boy near her piano.  I always thought they were the weirdest pieces of furniture.  They have about 70-bagillion drawers, all of which are small and it's oddly tall.  As I've noticed this heap of books in the past few weeks I'm starting to understand why that piece of furniture was so handy.  She kept her Bach in one place, her Chopin in another, and her Beethoven in between.  I now understand it is the perfect invention for my piles of music.

Now begins the search for the perfect high boy. I've looked on the ol' Craigslist, he's running low on said product.  But rest easy, Bojo's has got them by the truck loads.  The dark wood doesn't particularly go with my aesthetic for the living room so I was thinking more along the lines of something like this...

Perhaps not yellow, although it would be a contender, but maybe even red, or a really glossy black.  This is where my bright white walls come in handy, no worries of decoration clash, my walls are the blank canvas, the furniture is the standout.

When considering a color for this piece, I wonder "WWJAD"...What Would Jonathan Adler Do? Or...
"WWKSD"...What Would Kate Spade Do?  Most importantly..."WWHDWD"...What Would Hilary Dow Ward Do?

So while I'm at it..."WWYD"...What Would YOU Do? Paint it wild like, or go with a neutral? Paint it shiny or flat? Change the pulls or leave them be?


  1. Wild! Splash of Color! You can always repaint it later:) I would do a turq. or red. GLOSSY baby.

  2. Oh, I'm glad you're back! I thought maybe you had the flu!

    It wouldn't scream "HILARY" if it's plain or dull. So BRIGHT color and SHINY!!

    Can't wait to see what you decide on!



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