Monday, July 25, 2011


Today I found a new art love through La Dolce Vita

She produces stationery, prints, and commissioned works. 
These are a few of her prints that I think are just the cat's pajamas! 
Naturally, I'd love to have a work of my very own, 
but one of these would also be quite cute! I could not refuse! 
When you check out her page, make sure to look at her holiday cards!  
What a great idea. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Thursday

We are having sun showers right now in Memphis. They are the oddest thing. Sun completely out...yet rain at full blast. I suppose that is a good drink for the grass since it has been about 140* in Memphis this week. And can you believe it, I wore jeans to work today.  That wasn't so smart while going out to to check stock in the Worlds Away warehouse. (oh dang)

This afternoon when I got off work, the Canadian (who is on major vay-cay) asked if I wanted to go get a coffee treat.  We never get to do that after work. Mostly because his workday goes from about 7:30am-10:00pm.  Which means, Handsome and I are left to our own vises.  And so on, it was such a great treat.

I usually resume my daily blog reading at approximately 5:30pm, today I have been pushed back to 6:45. For heaven's sake. Perhaps a good thing because I came along this little inspirational tidbit. I thought you might enjoy it too!  Happy Thursday, which means...tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Move it around-Shake the dust off.

Yesterday afternoon, in between blog posts, I moved the furniture around.  It was a good opportunity to shake the dust off the top and get the dust bunnies sucked up from the bottom.  It takes a furniture move for me to get that sort of house cleaning done. This is not to say that I don't like to clean.  What this says is that I like to move my furniture around.

When I purchase furniture, if I can't think of at least 3 places it can be in my house, I don't buy it.  This is a rule I've had to impose upon myself since I work for a furniture company.

I started off working on the console table.  Since we don't have an entry way, this is a very important piece for me to have visible and clear of rubbish.  I started off by moving my newly revamped X-Stool back underneath the console. It has been in the sun room with the matching brown velvet and gold leaf chair.

We are still celebrating Canada Day. 
Hence the mound of Canadian flags.

Then I decided that since I only have one lamp on the table at current point, I would try it in the center of the console.  It's worth a shot, right? 

I'm not yet sure about this look but I'm willing to give it a try.  I actually would like to have two matching lamps here again. So I moved it back to the side.   

Then I sat down for a bit to survey the scene.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I also brought the brown velvet chair back to the LR from the SR. They are still close by one another.  I didn't want any tears over separation after all!

While I sat down, I realized that I my white Louis chairs were scattered all over the place and I needed a new arrangement that didn't leave one, just one, of them displaced.  So up I got and decided to move our white slipcovered chairs from the LR to the SR.

In the place of the white slip covered chairs, I put the wing back chairs I bought on craigslist a month of so ago.  They had been at the head of the dining room table.  WOW, this created a lot of space.  The pair of white slip covered chairs are gigantic. 

This was when I started fooling with the curtains.  I posted about it yesterday.  Such a tough decision to make.  Today just before I started in with afternoon lessons, I decided to take down the yellow panel and put the black one back up.  Having 1 yellow panel up was not going to help me decide any faster. And in the meantime I didn't need to have mismatch. That's a no-no.

So back up went the other black curtain.  This is what I have at current moment.  Matching curtains and a dilemma on my hands.  Oy!

Not that it's the worst thing ever, and in the meantime, I do have a new layout in the LR and SR.  The white slip covered chairs are currently getting cleaned, so update on the layout in the SR to follow.

We are out to see Harry Potter.  Catch you later and have a good Sunday night peeps!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


When I look at other blog posts, there are a couple of things I am quick to notice.  One of them is curtains. I sort of sway against calling them window that's a word I don't associate with in a positive way.  To me that's a sad word. Curtains and roman shades are not sad (at least when they're done well).

Previously, I have taken note of curtains in the home of Nanette Lepore.

Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore

What I like about these two particular photos are the curtains, drapes, or even window treatments...if you will. White wall, bold curtains.  I love it. 

Today, I found this photo.  Source, unknown.

Same story, third verse....White walls, bold curtains, drapes, or window treatments if you will.
This is a style I have been drawn to in my own home.  Currently I have white walls with black curtains hanging floor to ceiling.  Drama...I just love it.

With this idea in mind, I'm trying a little bit of color (other than black) myself.

I absolutely love it.  The only problem is that my black curtains have about 6 layers of lining in them which makes them hang in a rather lush manner. The yellow curtains only have 1 layer of lining.  With the two hanging next to each other the result is similar to that of a bath towel hanging next to tissue paper.  Somewhat problematic/pathetic. 

The question now becomes, do I purchase 4 panels of this yellow and have it lined, or do I stick with what I've got.  There is that wonderful little saying, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it".  

***disclaimer:I do not plan to have both black and yellow curtains up. 
I would just have one or the other. I just wanted to clarify that. 

Kate Spade-Georgetown

4th of July this year was awesome!  

I had a very patriotic, American 4th of July with my Canadian husband in Washington D.C. along with 90 of our friends from the Memphis Chamber Choir/ Memphis Boychoir and St. John's Episcopal Church. It was a right fun time, "y'all". 

4th of July started off for The Canadian at Washington National Cathedral for an organ recital. For me, his American wife, I chose to start my day at Kate Spade in Georgetown. 

I tell you what...I could spend days walking up and down the streets of Georgetown, the architecture is absolutely stunning. It took my breath away, well the architecture along with the rancid humidity!

This was quite possibly the smallest Kate Spade store I've been in. It doesn't matter though how small the room, a Kate Spade store is still a Kate Spade store. End of story!

If the Kate Spade brand sold this canvas print, they'd make about a bagillion more dollars a year. I don't know a girl that doesn't want one.  They're so cool. And I love the shade of raspberry. 

Such great stories. I love these classic little anecdotes that are printed all over their pieces.

If my hardwoods were in bad shape, I'd go right to painting them to look like this! I just love the striped floors in KSNY stores. 

One of my purchases while on the trip. 
What an excellent piece to commemorate an 
amazing experience and great travel with friends!

The lights are on, and yes I'm home.

Wouldn't be great if every month you had, oh say $5000.00 to spend on your home!?!?!?
I do realize that some folks do, and for that I will say, good for you. I personally do not.  

This week I wanted to make a little tweak to something. I didn't know what but I knew that there wasn't the funds to go large scale.  I have been considering doing some painting for a while, but that can easily turn into a $100-$150 + project.  I was looking for more like a $10 project.  The resolution, lightbulbs.

I have seen in a few blog pictures and in decor publications that designers are using round light bulbs instead of the traditional chandelier bulbs.  I thought sure why not.  I decided to try this with the light fixture in the butler's pantry as it only has 5 sockets.  The fixture that is in our dining room has apprxomately 26 bulbs in it. This was not the day to purchase 26 new bulbs.  Remember, $10 project. 

Early evening we stopped by the K-Roger (as we like to call it) to pick up some Friday night snacks and we whizzed down the light bulb isle.  There were my chandelier round bulbs, and Reveal at that!  I was so excited. Upon inspection, I placed 3 packs into our cart.  It's a good thing that I purchased 6 because, 1 of them turned out to be a dud. 

Folks don't you know that when we got home I ran right into the house to try them on!  

What a fun touch to this room! 
For under $10 I have a little fix'er up!

Now for an unrelated but always topical source for a laugh at the Dow-Ward house...
I'm sharing a photo of our big kitty, Handsome. 

Doesn't his life look rough? 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wallpaper may be the answer.

via: ME

The first time I set foot in our house (before we bought it), it was totally love at first sight.  It has so many architectural features that make me weak in the knees.  I don't know if the Canadian felt the same weakness in his knees, but he was quite smitten with our house. The butler's pantry is one of our highest use rooms in the house.  By day, and I mean like 359 of them, it is used as an "office" space. The remaining days of the year is it used as the bar for parties. All the tech tools are put away and the stemware and high ball glasses get to come out.  Last fall we painted this room and added some new furniture pieces to make it a little more transitional between these two uses. You can see it here and here and most recently here

Today I was reading up and following links and found a beautiful idea for a tasteful addition to our butler's pantry.  

Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis wallpaper via: My Cup of Te

Have you checked out My Cup of Te? 
It's a fabulous on the link above and check it out!

I'm not sure what wallpaper is right for my pantry at this point, but I certainly like the option. 

new chairy love

via: From Me to You

See this chair? Yes the pink one above. See it? 
Memorize it, because when you find one, you call me. 
It doesn't have to be in good shape, it doesn't have to have pretty fabric.  It just has to be this style. 

These chairs are so fabulous.  
They have been for decades. 
I'm just wild for them. 
Again...when you find them, you call me!

The credit for this beautiful pink chairy above goes to From Me to You.  Literally everything in that apartment is beautiful, right down to the Kelly green tiles in the kitchen. I would move to that very space in .0005 seconds. Seriously. 

Enough with my crazy desire to move to NYC...
back to the original subject at hand, the chair.

In the midst of my search I did actually find one that I really do like. I just don't like the nearly $1200.00 price tag. But if push comes to shove it may be a viable option. It surely does look good...doesn't it?!?!?  

I give you, Ballard Designs Bergere Chair.

Twill slipcovers, and a nice foxy leg. 

I know I'm not the only one who has looked to Ballard Design as an option.
Thusly I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat of being totally 
smitten with a piece and finding it not an actual option.  Bummer. 

via: Little Green Notebook

For the past week, Jenny at Little Green Notebook has been sharing her 5 part series on her revamp of this very chair. I learned through this series that these chairs are mid-century bergeres.  Hmm, good to know. I also learned that I don't think I could ever recover a chair like this or any chair for that matter myself. I truly admire those who can.  Unfortunately, I was not born with this in my available skill set. And I will just have to live with it and move on.  Way to go Jenny, this is really an awesome project. 

Now as I was saying earlier...

Once again, you find some for sale, you call me!
Happy Sunday. 
 It's time for a nap with the kitty and the hubs. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rosy Glow

Yesterday when I got home from work, I had a lovely email from Kathy at My Interior Life

The two of us had been communicating about a very delightful gold pagoda mirror that I am saving all of my pennies for. Trust me, it is fabulous. And in the mix of our conversations we have become fans of one another's work through our blogs. As a lovely shout out yesterday afternoon, she blogged about my X-Stool Make Over.  I couldn't have been more delighted to see that after a wonkers week.  Trust me Kathy, beam of light!  Totally fabulous timing, it made me have a rosy glow. Thank you so very, very much. 

4 Surprises from Warby Parker

I have posted about Warby Parker before on my blog. I decided back in the late winter that it was time to purchase new frames.  The pair I had been sporting I purchased right after the Canadian and I got married. At that point it was over 5 years. Now let me explain.  These frames were the Rolls Royce of frames, they had to last that long. And by golly I was stuck with them for 5 whole years to ensure I got every dropping penny out of them.  The lesson in that experience was that I will never pay that amount of money again for frames.  Absolutely ridiculous. Frames are like a scarf or earrings, you should be able to have options! And at $95 with Warby Parker, why in the world wouldn't that be an option! (?) !

For me, the process of selecting a frame took a little longer than it should have, totally my fault.
There were just to many good options. After having the same frames for 5 years I was a little bit more meticulous with my selection.  I would think about it for a few days, let it rest, then repeat. I finally stopped this process to let it breathe and a few weeks ago I finally selected a pair. Within 4 days (FOUR DAYS), they arrived to my home. TOTALLYEASY!

I was so totally excited to come home from work to find this little box waiting for me.  What a great surprise (#1) at the end of my work week. These folks are smooth operators.  They emailed me to confirm my order and poof like magic they arrived. I couldn't believe how easy this process was. 
 It was almost to good to be true. 

The specs come in this cute box inside the shipping box for safe keeping. 
Again, I was impressed. Not that I was expecting my frames to be wrapped in a kleenex or bubble wrap, but it was a nice surprise (#2).  
Come to think of it, I honestly didn't have an 
expectation as to how they would arrive.  But what a "good show" these folks put on!

Surprise #3.  They have a lovely hard shell box complete with the Warby Parker name. 
Totally hip.

Surprise number 4, although not a total surprise.

 I was glad to display my demi smile with my new specs. 
The ear to ear smile I was displaying on the inside seemed a little uncouth given how hip these frames are. And as for that bigger smile displayed inside, it is from knowing that with the purchase of my frames, somebody else has been given the chance to have a 20/20 perspective of the world! 

O (Say Can you see) Canada-A patriotic week!

I've been away from posts for a while.
Have you wondered where I have been?
Here's the scoop.


June 30-July 5, 2011
Memphis Chamber Choir/Memphis Boychoir Tour to Washington D.C.
Canadian Embassy-Canada Day July 1
Washington National Cathedral (Episcopal)-Evensong July 1
Basilica of the National Shrine (Catholic)- Recital July2
Singapore Embassy-Recital July 2

Memphis Chamber Choir/Boychoir at Washington National Cathedral
Evensong: July 1, 2011 5:30pm
My precious husband/Artistic Director is on the top row, right. 
I am below him, second to top row on the right. 

We took two coach buses to DC.  That's over 18 hours of bus ride, one way. 
Thank goodness these buses have improved over the years!

Dr. Ward with the Memphis Boychoir at Washington 
National Cathedral (Episcopal) on Friday, July 1, 2011

With my Canadian husband (and former Canadian Military Man) after
 the Canada Day Celebration at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC - July 1, 2011

A little trip to Kate Spade was in order. 
Thank goodness they were having a sale. 

After multiple stops at Dean and Deluca, I bought some yellow nail polish. 

All the rage, and yes Georgetown has joined the parade. 
So totally cute. My friends say that I have the ability to sniff out Dean and Deluca and cupcakes.
Mission accomplished in DC!

Hello! This is what I wore under my robe to National Cathedral. 
I just know that you (along with my Mother) were all dying to see what I wore! 

Out at George and Martha's for 4th of July.
Somewhat disappointing.  Their home decor wasn't all that and a bag of chips. 
I have to remind myself that textiles just weren't the same 300 years ago! (ha)

The hubs and I at Mt. Vernon on 4th of July.
Yes, it was hotter than hot. 

...because I know you are secretly hoping for a close up of my hat. 
I found it necessary to double up on my shades this particular day. 
When has 2 of anything ever hurt? 

Because it's the nation's capital, they did throw a rocking birthday party!
We watched the fireworks under the Washington monument.  
Talk about 5D! Happy Birthday America!

What a fabulous trip!  Even though the bus trip was approximately 18 hours 1 way (that's 2 seasons of Rachel Zoe project, a box load of wasabi pea trail mix, multiple magazines, etc)...this trip was simply amazing. 


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