Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#dwh2 : Entry...After

 Remember the before and during photos of our entry way?

Now that you've seen the before and the during...
here comes the after! 

 My mother thinks we now need sunglasses because the walls are so bright....thanks Ma! 

There's more to come - furniture to be placed and art to be hung.  When a space is newly painted it takes me a while to hang something up on the fresh walls - so time shall tell what goes up on these babies.

Until then - white walls, yay!

Friday, January 3, 2014

#dwh2 : Wetbar

Over the holiday break, 2 more portions of our house received attention.  One of which, the wet bar.
When we were looking for a new house, a bar was actually on my "wishlist"...kind of strange yes I know. But alas, I thought it would be a fun thing to have in a house.

We have a lot of wood paneling in our house and because it is so dark we decided to paint some of it. 
The wet bar and entry were the first to get paint.

 bar before 

And drum roll to the before/after combined photo............tica tica tica tica - CHING!


It took a few day to let the paint cure. It took several coats of paint to cover the dark wood paneling. And with white, we wanted it to be smooth.  There were lots of holes to fill before, sanding, priming, painting, fill holes, more paint. It was quite the process.

So after the paint cured - the bar received some decoration. The first chapter of decor is now displayed.  This will be a fun place to decorate as the seasons change.  I think the space needs some artwork perhaps on the other walls...Time shall tell.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#dwh2 : Den Inspiration and flooring

We have an actual den in #dwh2.  In #dwh1 our den was actually one of our bedrooms.  We had a plethora of rooms that were about the same size at #dwh1 and one of them ended up as the den. Not an interesting story, but a story none the less.  So in #dwh2, we have an actual defined den.

I have mentioned before that we have a really sassy green linoleum in our den/kitchen/laundry room/butler's pantry. The big dilemma in this is that the den is next to the pool room so whatever flooring that lands in that room has to be able to handle wet feet. So for now while I ponder this great mystery, the green linoleum stays.  It is in good shape, no big rips anywhere.  I spent a whole hour (or two) during fall break trying to peel back a section of it in the laundry room/hall area.  As it is, there is actually  not one layer, but two layers of tasteful linoleum under there.  SURPRISE.  Bonus fun. I know that's exactly what you were too. The cost to have it removed from these areas is rather substantial and not a cost I'm ready to deal with right now, to many other things to do. So for now, I consider options to make do with what's there, or change it with very low cost.

I give you option # 1  - Tory Burch Themed Den. 

photos: via Google images and Pinterest (Tory Burch Stores)

One very noticeable component of these spaces, the use of green.  Our floors are literally the same color green as the carpet in her stores.  The den also has built in book shelves, obviously I'm not going to display purses and shoes in them...though don't put it past me. I have several Moroccan style rugs that could go in there as well as 4 silk yellow curtain panels.  I'd rather have orange but I think the yellow will actually work better.  The walls in the den haven't been painted yet.  Regardless of what happens with the floors, the room is getting painted WHITE (yes I know shocker).  The natural light is so sparse, white is really a good option.  And quite seriously, remember the floors are GREEN.

OPTION #2 : Lay Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Apparently there is a very small difference in the cost between removing 2 layers and removing 3. 
So for a small amount of money, I could lay another flooring over the top and be done with it for a while.  No green.  That might be nice.  Then it wouldn't matter what my den theme was, it wouldn't have to consider the floor color into the palate.  How often does that even happen? This flooring rolls consistently between all of those spaces, so whatever we decide it has to be done all the way. There's no threshold to break it up.

I bought a box a few weeks ago and layed out the box on our kitchen floor to see how it looked.  End looks good. Doesn't look like plastic flooring, and totally eliminates the green issue.

The reality is that removing the green linoleum is going to be approximately 2017 (after I finish this degree and can focus on a serious renovation). For the time being...what in the world do we do with the current floor?



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