Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday, blueberries and blackberries and March Madness, Oh my!

Sunday afternoon...naps on the couch...internet games....and a cup of coffee. Idealistic I think.

I've got spring cleaning or rather...spring decorating on my mind. I brought home some of my office furniture this week and am thinking about how to repurpose those pieces into my my living set up.

These are in the front of my mind...Oh what to do?

I started looking on line at fabrics trying to figure out what color they should be and found this photo of some chairs that are a similar shape. I'm curious if this might be the answer. That would mean covering the entire chair but I like it.

I have had these chairs for 4 years. I bought them from a stylist who was redoing her salon. The chairs have faded a little bit over time but are of really good quality. I would love to save them if at all possible. The other option pitch them. Oh, that's a sad thought. I hope I can figure out what to do with them and where to put them.

Another design page I have been looking at lately is Tonic Home. I find that they have very fine products. Here are some of my favorites...

I like this set is fun, don't you think?

I like these console tables-possibly to put on both sides of the fireplace.

Now...this is just beautiful!

I have this coffee table and love it! I am also...dreaming of the "dining table" for the sunroom.
A girl can always dream....right???

I am very pleased to see that Tonic Home seems to think that my master plan color scheme is up to snuff. They list Gold and Grey as a good color combo...

I wonder if I'll ever have a room in my house that looks like this?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

another day - another $

This morning we bounded out of bed like a couple of springs, rarrr-ing to go. Geoff went off on his way, me on mine.
I had many "fabulous" finds today. I started my day at Bliss SoHo and got a mani/pedi. I have only been to Bliss one other time, in Chicago and decided it was time for another trip. I got a "minx" pedicure and it was glorious, all one could hope for and more when it comes to having another person touch your feet. (I actually hate feet.) The manicure was also highly desirable.

I'm no stranger to the cheap thrill of a mani/pedi so it came to me as a great surprise that I hadn't considered what would happen after I got the in, I'm not in Memphis and able to get back into my car and drive away. I wore shoes to Bliss and they aren't the kind of establishment that gives you those little paper thing flip-flops. You can, however, make the purchase of a pair of Havanas for a small fee. I declined and high stepped down Broadway to another establishment to make the purchase of a pair of flip-flops that 1. actually fit and 2. I liked. (Their selection was unfortunately not desirable to me. I love Havanas, just not the ones they had.)
My day continued just south of Elizabeth and Houston St. at my favorite space "Tory Burch SoHo". Every detail of that store is appealing to me, not just their fabulous couture and dazzle worthy footwear, the finishing edges on the awning on the front of their store some how rings my bell and when seeing it I felt inspired. Does anybody else ever feel that way? Visual stimulation is a fascinating thing isn't it???

Upon leaving Tory Burch, or T.B. as my mother and I refer to her via text message, I walked south on Elizabeth street back to Prince and walked towards Broome. Before I got off Prince I passed a Catholic Elementary School. In the window there was a sign that one could assume a child made. The sign read, "pray for our school", I stopped and prayed for their school. Thank you Book of Common Prayer for your education collect, quick and right to the point. 30 seconds later, I was back on the move.

Once I started walking down Cleveland street I noticed a movie poster of Sandra Bullock (by the way the cover of the New Yorker is a picture of her and says, "Blind Sided") from her recent movie with Ryan Reynolds where she's a Canadian in need of a visa...the store was pink and white and had big fluffy curtains. The next thing I know...I'm pushing the front door open. Did my eyes follow my nose or did my nose follow my eyes? Either way, it seemed as though there was a good deal inside. Regardless, I'm not sure if it was my eyes or my nose, I was right. The jewelry inside was fantastic. For me, a planned purchase, not something I could just haul off and buy, but none the less something that has now found it's way to my "wish list".

As I waked away from the store, wondered on to Broome street and found yet another fabulous store! French antiques have a soft spot in my heart....Oh lord. I can't believe I just said that. What a surreal combination of words to come out of my mouth.
The store is called Penine Hart Antiques and Art. Her windows were fabulous and the displays practically called my name.
As it turns out....Penine is really a design and art celebrity. Well, at least I think she is. Her bio and list of accomplishments made me quite thrilled to have the pleasure to meet her!

As I walked away from Penine's store I b lined towards Canal. I was on a mission to find a St. Patrick's Day NYC magnet for our friends Ann and was their personal request. The long and the short of it is that I found the magnet, and was I walked back west towards Broadway I was feeling a little badgered by the throngs of people whispering things resembling, "Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Hermes" as I walked by. I swear, I thought the City of New York had that problem under control.

Several more blocks later...I was at Dean and Deluca at Broadway and Prince. Just across from where I started my day many hours before. My trip in D and D was quick. I purchased one French stick, 2 kinds of cheese, so organic beer, a freshly pruned container of strawberry/blueberries and was on my way. I had gathered several parcels along my walk today so as I walked out the door and down into the subway I felt a little like Julie Powell in Julie and Julia when she left that very same Dean and Deluca carrying all the food and the branches she carried. Like Julie, I was whacking people right and left with all of my shopping bags... the tragic part is that I wasn't even carrying branches. 11 short minutes later I was walking back out to street level at 51st and Lexington, walked a few blocks south and back into the apartment building.
Geoff arrived several minutes later and we enjoyed our treats on the balcony as we watched the sun start to fall over the Chrysler Building.

Dinner reservation tonight at Balthazar. Although I must admit I feel strangely loyal to the fact that my Jayhawks are playing tonight....The obvious answer to my pondering question is, "Duh Hilary you're in NYC and a basketball is nothing more than leather and air"....perhaps I should stick to those guns.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photos from St. Patrick's Day 2010 - NYC

Flowers for the apartment from Philip's Flowers
A beautiful houseplant that was to big for me to carry home on the plane
A beautiful front door somewhere between 68-78 between 5th and Park...sorry that's as much as I can narrow it down.

Just a hop, a cab, some air time, another cab...

We departed for NYC this morning at 7:00am...well that's what time the cab was to arrive and I was to be ready...did that work- NOPE!
We made it to the airport though in time and all was well.
The flight from Memphis to most NYC area airports is 2 hours give or take a few minutes plus whatever they burn in delays.
Here is my tip thus far : Car service from the airport is fantastic! They drive you right from the baggage claim to the front door of where you are going! You don't have to lift a paw! Yahoo!
Plus, who doesn't like riding in the back of a shiny black vehicle.
Today was St. Patrick's Day in NYC (and everywhere else, duh). The parade here is really something to experience. This is the 3rd time this decade I've been here to see it. The good news is, by the end of the day I'm not interested in hearing bagpipe for a while.
We walked probably 3 miles today exploring the upper west side/midtown. I am just bananas for the flower markets. I took like 30 pictures of flowers, no people in them, just flowers! They're fantastic. I bought a bundle of tulips to put in the apartment for our stay. They are pretty!
While I am in complete ecstasy that we are here, I am already saddened by the fact that 1 day is coming to a close.
Dinner tonight at Lucky Stripe, a cousin to our favorite restaurant Balthazar (where we will be dinning tomorrow night).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 1, line 1, thought 1.

Hello cyber space.
I'm not a writer, I'm not a professional anything really. I have some thoughts, on the mend I gather them and have decided that as a 27 year old blogging is the trendy thing to do with them.

My life is...fabulous. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that. Everybody has some fringe on the ends, but ultimately life as I know it is still fabulous.

I have been married for 4 1/2 years to a brilliant musician, theologian, chef, CANADIAN, teacher, inspiring soul, who is 10 years my senior that I love to wake up next to every day. I envision us in old age - EXACTLY as we are now...madly in love.

We have 1 child who happens to be a four legged, 18 lbs. kitty cat who answers to the name of "Handsome".

This Midwest girl and Canadian boy have found themselves (somewhat) displaced in THE SOUTH, otherwise known as Memphis, TN. Our lives here have been satisfactory at times, great at times, and God awful at others.

This blog is starting today, March 16, 2010 at 10:30 in the morning in what will be known as the 2nd worst Lent of my far.
More to follow.

Tomorrow we leave for NYC. (stay tuned)


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