Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warby Parker - Part Deux

My Warby Parker frames arrived today!  How exciting.  Boutique luxury delivered right to your doorstep!

They arrived packed in a nice white shipping box and inside the shipping box is this delightful black hipster box! 

When you open it you hear a "TA-DA" sung by a choir of divas and your eyes light up like Christmas morning.

I originally ordered only 3 pairs and about 4 days later I received an email from them saying that they had selected 2 additional pairs to ship to me to preview at home as well.  How about that for "a job well done".  Today I quickly tried on the 2 pairs of frames that I was the most excited about, the 3rd pair I selected was just for fun.  I really like the Roosevelt and the Thompson.  Though these frames come in colors that might be considered a little less of a risk, I was kind of thinking..."gee as long as I'm going to go out there on a limb I might as well go all the way out on the limb." So here I am with a blue and crystal pair of frames.



Roosevelt and Thompson, although I don't believe I'll wear them together. 

Can you tell which pair I'm leaning towards?

Yup, these are my favs.  

As for the other 3 pairs that came in the swanky box...

The Wiloughby (bottom left), The Huxley (middle) and The Digby...the hubster (not to be confused with hipster) selected the Digby! 

You might be wondering how I found out about these little gems...check this out for more information on the company! 

P.S. I couldn't wait for my hair to dry and for my make up to be put on...yes I look like I just got out of the pool! I do deee-claaare! I'm not doing my part as a "southern lady".....OH WELL!

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