Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's house.

It's always a happy place to see upon arrival.
Everything meticulously placed, and decorated.

Beverages chilled and served.

Hello, again.

Grandmother Dow's bread recipe. 
...oh geez, I'll NEVER be able to make these!

Brussel sprouts, upon request from our Canadian.

At the table...
and NO...we did not eat all of that butter.

With full tummies, it's time for a Turkey Day Nap.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eureka, Kansas

My hometown...Eureka, Kansas

Have you seen the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" of Reese Witherspoon's "classics"

....that's kind of what Eureka is like. 

More to follow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The ocassional "dump"

Handsome...enough said!

Choral festival at St. Mary's Cathedral.
That's Bruce Neswick, he's kind of a big deal.

A few folks from St. John's attended. 
It was an Ol' Miss football game, obviously that detoured some members.

I'm looking for a chandelier that looks like this.
This one is HUGE, probably 60" across. 
Let me know if you see one. 

A $15 chair from Gary's Antiques got a new hide!

A new favorable "saying" to add to the pile. 

I've been spending a lot of time at NPR-WKNO 91.1
lately.  It's a lot of fun, but a new kind of stress to learn to manage. 
Also, these photos were taken on different days and I am wearing 
black and white in both and I have the same mug apparel.  
I'm such a creature of habit. 

Some new coffee table reading.
The orange book on the right is a fabulous book. 
It's by Heather Clawson. She's got a killer blog! 
The book on the left, it needs no introduction.

A new restaurant in our  neck of the woods. 
"Local" is what it's called...I think. 
It might be "Local Gasto Pub" but I really 
can't tell based on the excessive signage.
Anyway....fabulous addition to the 'hood.


Handsome.  The end.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Photo: Geoff and Hilary in Prince Edward Island, July 2012

Our study of "thankfulness" has begun at St. Mary's Episcopal School (where I work). We teach the girls that thankfulness means being grateful for the things we have, the kindnesses shown, and the world around us. When we talk about the things they are thankful for, they ask me, "Mrs. Ward what are you thankful for?" The very first thing that comes to mind is my darling husband, Geoffrey.

As we continue to study what we are thankful for this month with the girls, I know my list of gratefulness will expand in response to their question.  But for now, I start with my most precious friend and companion, my husband.


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