Saturday, August 17, 2013

Le Beach.

Just before school in-service week began on August 6, we popped down to the Emerald Coast for some time on the beach. This is our third year to go and we are thankful with every grain of our being that it's been possible. I swear, time on the beach is the BEST rest and relaxation there is!
Since this is our third time going, I wasn't as camera happy. I only took my phone down 1 afternoon. I had it in a zip lock bag, seemed like the thing to do.  Here are a few photos from the voyage.

 Somewhere between Mobile and Destin

 What a view!

 The Oceania has been our destination the past 4 summers. 
What a fabulous place to stay!

 My drink of choice...
Now in a small single serving, plastic bottle. 

 A view of the beach from inside a zip lock bag.
(My phone that is).

 We had a good hearty laugh.

The view from Marina Cafe. 

One of our "go-tos" for dinner.

After 7 full days on the beach, we returned to Memphis relaxed and ready to face the new school year. What a terrific way to end the summer.  Together, happy, healthy, and ready to go!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paint in the guest room!

#dwh2 is coming along. 
We have now been in the house just over 2 months and are ready to start doing some work. 
The summer whizzed by, lots of travel and unpacking/reorganizing/feeling like we live there. 
School starts on Monday in fact, and we totally had the conversation entitled, 
"where did the summer go"

With that...
I give you the "guest" room.

 This photo is from the weekend we moved in. 
(Memorial Day Weekend)
This is the guest room, aka where the bedding was tossed in the process.

This is the same space this weekend. 
Bedding in the wash...and all a mess. 
Point of interest, look at the wall color. 
It's an interesting shade of green.

With Tongta (our international Thai student) moving in this week,
we decided it needed to be a bit more snazzy and youthful. 

Enter my Benjamin Moore paint fan. 
It's my favorite toy!

The grand decision came down to Benjamin Moore ELECTRIC BLUE! 
This color was made wildly popular by the Sex And The City Movie. 
In SATC the first movie, Carrie gets an apartment reno. 
This is the color of her walls! 
I've been waiting to have a reason to use this shade of paint. 
It's really vibrant and so much fun! 

This is after a bit of the cutting was complete. 
It looks like painter's tape! HA!

After the same portion was rolled. 
It's a go, I love it. 
Paint the whole room!

The weirdest parts of this room is the lighting. 
The ceiling lighting is basically a shadow. 
Having a good color is really important.

After Dave has made his way around the room. 
So exciting to see the green go away.


 And....almost gone! 

The room is complete. 
It has only a few more hours of being a "guest" room. 

More on the flippity, flip.


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