Monday, May 21, 2012

May happenings...

I've been sort of a slacker with this whole blogging thing this year.  It is totally a joy of mine and I click on my reader nearly every night while attempting to detox before bed.  Alas, it's nearly summer and I'm trying to come up with a post here and there to bridge a vast gap in my previous frequency of blog posts.

This academic year I've had so many papers to write that I couldn't tolerate the thought of writing another thing, even if it were for fun.  There are times, believe it of not, when I run out of words. (People who have known me for more than 5 minutes, are you laughing over there?) Yes, it does happen, I hit a word limit and, poof.  I'm done.  Today, I just so happen to have approximately 500 words left for the day, of which I will devote to my blog. Not all 500, but you know...enough to bridge the gap. Plus photos...naturally.

I often wonder about this whole blogging "thing".  Is it a fad? Will this post be around forever? Will I read it when I'm older and thing, WOW you weren't funny at all? And what in the world were you thinking buying those throw pillows.  I assume it to be so, since I think that now of things I purchased and put in my home a short 3-4 years ago. Good grief am I in for a sizable laugh over time. about those pictures.  I know is all anybody wants to see on a blog

I'm currently trying a 2 tone panel sort of thing. 
I'm not sure if anybody thinks it's  good idea...
well, except I like it. Handsome has not responded. 
Both windows in the front room are currently of the two panel persuasion. 

I love jdouglas. They rep high end companies. 
I am currently in love with this sofa as pictured on their instagram page. 
I called them.  It's 100" long and 32" deep....YUM
Now the question, where could I put it? 

My hubs and his boss.  
Well actually it's his bosses boss...
The two of them love a photo opp. 
How often is it that they can find somebody to look in the eye? 
Tall + Tall = Tall. 

The Memphis Boychoir recently traveled to Sewanee. 
That's The University of the South. 
A lovely photo was in The Commercial Appeal today. 
Gooo team.

This photograph was taken by Mahaffey White. 
Mahaffey's husband, Richard was the Organist/Choirmaster at 
St. John's Episcopal Church for decades. She passed away on Friday 
evening after 101 wonderful years of life. She has left her print on the
 world and will not soon be forgotten. 

 Last but never least....


Me's nearly June. 
This is our last week of school at T-H-E Santa Maria
(St. Mary's Episcopal School Memphis, TN). 

Summer travels will soon be near!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Philadephia in 1985.
About the time my brother was diagnosed with Autism. 

 Mom and Dad after their wedding in May of 1968

Mom, Thanksgiving weekend 2011

I think we all have classic stories about how wonderful our mothers are.
They've raised us, picked us up, pulled us along, propped us up, and sometimes even had to sit us down. (And for some mothers more than others!) But, none the less a Mother's work is never done.  My mother is still my Mom even from a long distance away, I know she hates it but we make it work. She's had to learn how to text if she wants to hear from me, even though I'm sure that's not her favorite mode of communication. We have made the US Postal Service and FedEx part of our relationship to carry things back and forth. The emails fly, and while it's tough living away from Mom, sometimes I feel as though she's just blocks away.
Thank heavens we live apart in 2012 and not 1912.
If you live away from your Mom today, call her! And don't forget to say,
Happy Mother's Day!
For my Mother...
Happy Mother's Day, Dr. Mirah Dow
...or as I call her Mom. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring "cleaning"

Well...I'm not into cleaning.  But I am very interested in moving furniture around. So instead of cleaning...I'm participating in "spring moving 2012" (within my house).

When I buy furniture, if I can't put it in at least 2 spaces...I don't buy it.  What this means is a lot of my furniture matches, is within the same color palate and is also within the same size range.

Case in point...this buffet.  As of today, this 3 piece has been in 3 different parts in my house.
This spot (pictured below) is the 2nd place. Prior it was in our dining room.  The truth is, it's actually a little bit on the large side to sit in the hallway.  It works, but the center piece sticks out just a little further than is easy for a passer by.

What did do?  Here is the new set up. 

The moral of this story is that I figured out that I like having
 something in the hallway to set my purse and keys on.  
And the hallway is just long enough that I think it breaks up the long space.

Question: Where did the 3 piece buffet go? 
Answer: The Sun room

In order to move the buffet in...
I had to move some other things around to clear the way. 
The blue velvet sofa just moved to the other side of the room. 
The white chairs on the left are now on the right.

Pause for a break. Or as Handsome says...
"PAWS" for a break. 
I got the two side pieces in easily. 
The had a rest.

The center piece was a little bit more cumbersome.
Insert one of my hide rugs and away we go. 

There.  They're all in place.

Now it's time to play with my toys. 
As of today, things are in a bit of a standstill...
I was tired....and stopped for the evening.
I'm still playing. 
More on the "spring move 2012" later.

move ... the ... furniture

I'm in the process of moving some furniture. Well, moving a few vignettes of furniture around the house. Here is one of the space you can expect to see different...sometime soon.

Stay tuned.



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