Friday, January 14, 2011

inspiration photos for a friday

Such a great dining room picture.  I have big white curtains and framing all the way around the room.  My dining room is currently painted a golden dark yellow shade (hard to describe, but perhaps you get the picture) with the rooms connecting to it crisp white and dashing grey respectively. The crown molding around this ceiling is in the same shape as ours as well.  Our ceiling is perhaps not as tall as this one is but it's nothing to slouch in.  I've been looking at graphic back and white wall paper to put in the framing but now seeing how this fits together, it sort of makes my heart beat fast.  Also, would be much cheaper.  Something to think about!

via: Design Sponge/Blue Hydrangea

Now...I've been looking at front doors all my life.  I love front doors. A good front door is almost better than a painting in my book (my very small book).  The front door pictured below is exactly what I would select to put on our house should I actually be able to find a front door molded like that.  I love the glossy paint, the central brass door knob and all that encompasses this dashing classic. Ding dong you say, please come on in!  Oh, and P.S. please sign me up for two of those chairs! 

via: bien cuit

Happy Friday to all of you bloggers out in blog world! 

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