Friday, December 31, 2010

4 minutes left in 2010

As I watch the clock tick down to 2011, I am thankful for many blessings and joys through the year, but I am also ready to see (what was the WORST year of my short existence) it go.  Chalk it up to a mixed bag.  

HAPPY 2k11 ... And many more!

(photo via: Elle Decor)

New Internet Friends

Totally love what these two girls are doing.  Their blog/web page/webisodes are so much fun.  Naturally, I'm totally envious of their wardrobe.  Who wouldn't love to have their "wardrobe donated from Kate Spade New York"?  Check out The Girls With Glasses, they're bound to bring a smile to your face and a glitter to your eye.

End of Week 18

Obvious things:

1. Today is New Year's Eve Day!  Happy New Year "y'all"
2. We have been at my parent's house since Monday.
3. I have tried my darndest to follow my menu, and for a few very small exceptions (due to regional cuisine) I have stayed true to my food.
4. Tonight, since it is NYE we are having a FEAST worthy of an episode of Ina Garten or Julia Child.

I weighed myself before we left Memphis on Monday and I have not had access to scales since we left.  It is killing me.  I have been able to keep micro-track of my progress as the week goes along since the beginning of the study.  This week...not so much.

We will depart E-town on Saturday mid day and I know that upon our arrival in Memphis I will be eager to high jump the stairs to our master bathroom to check my "progress" during this holiday week.

I last went to the hospital Thursday, December 23rd to pick up food and weigh in.  When I went in, I picked up enough food for 11 days.  (I was totally amazed just how much food that is, as I had to haul it all out to my car.) So as my stash is dwindeling I'm looking forward to seeing how I've done during what is one of the toughest holiday weeks for food consumption of the year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

You say Goodbye, I say Hello!

New Year's Eve is a matter of hours away.  It is time to have good wishes for the past and say hello to the future. While in the process of doing this...I'm saying hello to a few NEW desires...and as per usual shoes are included in this list.

Say HELLO to these little puppies!

Yes, these are the smallest blog photos ever, you can go  here .
I first saw these shoes as suggested by the ever "stylish girls with glasses".

And on that's time to order the refils.  Whoops, I guess that's something I should have done before January 2011 actually got here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 4th day of Christmas

One of the best parts of the holiday season is going home to Kansas. The homeland of both Handsome and myself...or at least I say Handsome is from Kansas, Geoffrey remains that it is still possible that he could be from Canada. We pile in the car after the trifecta of Christmas services.  Christmas eve, Christmas day, and then the day after Christmas (which was Sunday this year) was super festive...when you work for THE church it makes things a little more "seasonal".  

As we embark on the drive to Kansas, Handsome spends the first 20 minutes to an hour SCREAMING at the top of his big kitty lungs and then he retreats to 1 of 2 places...either the darkness of the trunk or to the front seat (which is heated).  Once he takes his place on the front heated seat, I am then forced to ride the rest of the way in the backseat. Ridiculous? Yes, but for our "children" we do anything right? 

It makes him so puuurrrr-fectly happy!

Upon arriving at Mom and Dad's I had to do my grand inspection of the place.  This time it had been an entire year since I'd been home!  That doesn't seem possible.

Merry 4th day of Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

camel back sofa

Guess what arrived yesterday morning!  The lust is over...I don't have to search craigslist anymore, I have my own camel back sofa. 

Here's the craigslist photo. 

I was expecting the sofa to be a little more ice blue and a little less powder blue. 

I was a little surprised with the difference in color.  The sofa also did have a few dings in it as were clear when I looked at it during the delivery.  The gentleman just wanted this thing off his hands and out of his truck so I was able to negotiate a little better price.  He brought it in the living room and he was out of the driveway within seconds. 

Before he was back to the parkway, I had the couch looking like this...

The fabric has a few places that are faded and you can tell that this has been in the family for years.  The seller even told me that his mother had this recovered about 15-18 years ago and before that it was had stripped fabric on it. He said it was originally his grandmother's then she gave it to his mom, then his mom gave it to him when he moved into his house.  He then reported that it had been in his office for years sitting untouched. The seller was probably 6'5" and weighed probably 300-325.  "This thing's like doll furniture to me so I never sit on it." I thought that was a verifiable testimony.  Regardless, I could tell he was  interested to see that it went to a home that would care about it just as his family had for generations past. 

I've got some ideas as to where this piece will go once the Christmas trees are down.  Until then it is just parked in the middle of the room waiting for placement.  

Thanks, Santa for sending me this craigslist delight!  I'm very happy and merry indeed!

End of another week

At this point I can't remember which week I have just completed other than to say it is one that is in conjunction with holiday parties and lots of snacks that have come home from the church. And as an end result I did gain weight this week.  Alas, it was only 0.2 pounds but still.  I had hoped not to gain any weight.  The nurse that weighed me told me had I made one more trip to the restroom I probably wouldn't have had the problem.  At that point I attempted to go use the restroom but she had already taken my weight of story. Last week I lost over 4 pounds this week I gain 0.2...I don't really fell like I have anything to complain about.

The goal/strategy for the next week is to NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT.  I am not as hopeful that I will lose any weight but not gaining would certainly be nice.

If not...I'm feeling another round of fanatical Bikram Yoga come January 3.

Happy and Merry to all!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fabric has arrived.

Last Thursday I went out on a limb and ordered 15 years of fabric, sight unseen. Totally scary. It arrived yesterday morning bright and early (an unnecessary doorbell ding-dong after a late night party). And there it was.  All 15 yards rolled up and crammed into a box that is longer than I am tall. I tore into the box with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning....come on, total suspense! 

When I purchased this fabric last week I had it in mind that it would go on a camel back sofa al la Kate Skate or something like this:

(via: Furbish Studio)

Yesterday I was searching craigslist for a camel back which has become a weekly endeavor. And yesterday I found the dreamiest dreamboat of camel back sofas.  Love the legs, great fabric (well good enough that I don't need it recovered for it to come sit in my house). And at a price that I can live with. 

So the question now stands at: If this fabric is in as good condition as it looks to be, do I really need to recover it? It's kind of cool. And if that's the case, what do I do with the new fabric? Send it back or keep it (because it was such a great price).  Last evening I actually started having visions of curtain panels.  Wouldn't that be fun? With 15 yards, the options are endless! 


An Advertising Mothership

My friend Kathryn and I have been blogging lately about Kate Spade.  I was in search of some official Kate Spade images today and found the mothership.  Check out CigHarvey to see a bagillion images of amazement and wonder!

(via: here) 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Camel Back Sofa-The Sequel

In old news, I am on the hunt for a larger camel back sofa.  Today as luck would have it I found a camel back sofa on craigslist that not only matches the legs to my current love seat, but it also is covered in fabric that doesn't make me cringe when I look at it.  

(via: Hilary's super awesome, highly cracked, yet still works iPhone)

I phoned the seller to see if they would negotiate a price, but the price I suggested wasn't of interest so I said thank you and hung up.  After sitting and thinking about the couch, consulting a buddy, and re thinking my offer I phoned back for a second go.  No answer.  I thought I'd probably completely and totally insulted the guy.  I started to conclude that this blog post would read something to the persuasion of, "Yet another missed opportunity!" Just as I downloaded the photo to start the blog post the cellular rang and it was the seller. 

 (via: craigslist)

It is a possibility that this little dandy could be in my home by the week's end...We shall see. I was able to talk with the seller about the size, the condition etc. and will be back in touch with him tomorrow.  Perhaps my patience and has paid off, this could be better than I had hoped for. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh...If you say so.

According to my inbox this afternoon, there is a shoe I must have! Tory has informed me that I "must have" the Eddie!

via:Tory Burch

Well Santa Baby...perhaps yet another little addition to the Christmas wish list! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of Week 16

Thanks be to G-O-D I'm feeling like I made some headway this week.  I went to weigh in today since they'll be closed tomorrow.  Nothing to scuttle-butt about as my weigh in today was satisfactory.
Total amount lost: 4.4 pounds. I'll take it, sold....done....hooray.

This week as I had hoped I really got back down to following my list of food.  Like a true fanatic, I took my little cooler with me everywhere this week. I carried my breakfast to eat in between church services, thus avoiding the bagel/donut cart.  I took my food with me to Lessons and Carols to eat between services, and let me tell you how difficult that was since the meal was catered.  WOOF, there I was in the church kitchen heating up my boxed food while others were dashing by with plates full of twice baked potatoes, roast and bread!  Yummy goodness, yes...but do my pants fit better this week because I resisted....YES!

As the holiday season moves on, I'm really trying to keep my forceful self going to make my goal.
I've got approximately 2.5 months left and am on track....let's keep all the prayers flowing and all the flanges crossed!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kate Spade kick

For a long time, I mean a LLLLOOOONNNGG time I was a Kate Spade fanatic.  And naturally so, as Kate also hales from Kansas (City). My wedding and engagement (as well as senior recital) were coated in Kate Spade.  Then along came Tory...I do love Tory as well but she put Kate slightly on the back burner.

I enjoy their brightly covered/colored stores and extremely beautiful things.  Recently, I renewed my love affair with Kate Spade and her mix of red and hot pink.  (Golly it makes me go weak in the knees.) So many of her items are mixed with these two colors.  I would imagine that this color combination is one that many would veto during the selection process.

There are obviously many shades of red and pink, Kate uses a red/orange and an almost purple pink.  Regardless of the variation in this combo, I still find it to be a hit when I see the two colors paired together.


I've recently been having visions of (not sugar plums but) fabric.  I found a very beautiful red and hot pink upholstery at I've been watching it and had high hopes that it would go on sale.  Who wants to  pay a large price for upholstery, and especially not when you want 15 yards of it.
Today was my lucky day as it was nearly half price.


As of now I have no direct plan for where this will go.  I don't have the piece of furniture to put it on, but I intend for it to be on a piece in our newly painted "soot" sunroom.  And did I mention that I absolutely love it? I hope it is as pretty in person as it is on the web page. If not, fortunately has a good return policy! 

Back in November I wrote about my interest with camel back sofas and perhaps that is where this fabric will eventually land.  TIme and the fed ex man's delivery shall tell! 

iBand iConcert

Check this out...if you don't have an ipad yet....GO GET ONE! 
If you say you don't want're lying.
Tran Siberian Orchestra, look out.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

weeks 14-15

Today is day 107.  I've not been to vocal about this process for the past 2 weeks because I, probably like many Americans celebrating the holiday season, have had a little more to eat than I would like to admit.

I have managed to keep losing weight, but it is not the same kind of noteworthy number as weeks past.

This past Friday I completed week 15 and as I left the hospital I realized that this was my least favorite weigh in day.  As I was getting on the scales I could feel the words escape my mouth, "We've had company for the past two weeks!" I felt like I needed to say that to myself as well as to the nurse who was holding my chart of progress from weeks past. Thankfully the nurses on this project aren't the types that would say something like, "Ewww, we didn't do as well this week did we now?"

I've tried to buckle down this week to regain some of my stamina to lose 2+ pounds per week as I close the remainder of this study.  I'm still in hopes that I am able to reach my overall goal.

As I go to sleep tonight my prayer will be something as follows:
Oh you lovely/dangerous holiday kind to me. And dear sweet Lord help ease my temptations. Amen  :)

Still thinking about decorations....

Even though I am finished putting out decorations for Christmas 2010, I find myself thinking about what I would do if I were to start over tomorrow (as in if I hadn't put them up yet) and even more seriously, what I'll do for Christmas 2011.

Tonight while reading some of my bookmarked blogs, I started following links from one blog to the next and absolutely loved the photos and inspiration I found on this blog.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Notting Hill?

These pictures remind me of the movie, Notting know the love story where Julia Roberts play a character that resembles her fabulous movie star self, and Hugh Grant play the dashing, bookstore owner...uh huh you know you've seen it. When the hubs had longer hair folks (myself included) would say that he looked like Hugh Grant in this very movie.  I need not worry though as most of them were the sweet church ladies. (occupational hazard)

And it were....these photos popped up on a very delightful blog...and they're oh so London. 

 This made me think of the bookstore that Hugh Grant owned in the movie.

 And while his living room wasn't quite so pink/purple,
 it had this same diverse style 
of mix and match that somehow all fit together.
When has that ever happened for anybody else? 
Hmm, it must be Hugh's "floppy" hair that helps him along! 

And this of his kitchen, the one where Spike ate the mayonnaise thinking it was yogurt. 

Alright, who's with me....trip to London anyone? 



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