Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 1...25 to go

I have been contemplating whether or not I wanted to blog about this.  It's sort of personal, sort of weird and for sure has nothing to do with my house decor.  But none the less it is what is going on in "Mrs. Dow-Ward's Neighborhood" so here it is.

Early in July I learned about a medical study going on at University of Tennessee/Methodist Hospital in Memphis that is sponsored by the American Association of Diabetes.  The information was passed to be from a friend who thought I might be interested.  To be clear, I do not have diabetes, or pre-diabetes.  I am simply, overweight. Yes, I said it.  I admitted it, I've faced the fact, it is true and now it is time to do something about it.

Through the span of about 4 weeks I went to the hospital for various forms of pre-study testing. This mostly revolved around blood work but also included a bone density scan (which was awesome) and a testing of my resting metabolic rate, to name a few.

Last Friday, August 27th I began day one of the nutrition component to the diet.  Every particle of food that I ingest for the next 6 months has been personally selected for me by a registered nutritionist and by the medical team conducting the study.  There are two different diet groups for the study, high protein and carbohydrate based diets. The diet you participate in is selected randomly, and as I did, the participant just has to hope for the best.

Today is Tuesday, I'm on day 5 of week 1 of this 26 week diet. To me it was a no brain-er which diet I was more interested in.  As it would turn out, my favored plan was granted.  I am on the high protein diet. So far so good. Although I must admit that I am reminiscing about the "last supper", if you will, that the Canadian and I had on Thursday night.  I ate BBQ chicken nachos from Central BBQ with the Elam/Jasper family. Followed by one last trip to Jerry's Sno Cones for a "wedding cake supreme".  It was all one could hope for and say the least.

Did I mention the greatest part? Well, one of the greatest parts. Because this is a study and I'm a willing in I'm willing to let them stick me in the arm for blood work on a regular basis and do exactly what they tell me to for 6 months...all of this food is completely FREE to me.  As someone who is without a full time job and is beginning her last year of a degree program....I'm now looking at this experience as the beautifully decorated window (with silk dupioni window treatments) "G-O-D" opened for me after so harshly slamming a 1000 pound door on my hands. Ouch, and yes that still hurts.

Though I am willing to admit that this is going on in my life, I'm not yet brave enough to admit the beginning stats of this study other than to say that in the 4 years we have lived in Memphis, I have gained over 70 pounds.  Lost 30 here and there, gained it back and then some. Ba-rutal!
I refuse to enter 30 in a bad way, though I do also have 2 years and 4 months to fix it.

For the next 6 months, I'm sure you'll hear a little about it here and there with the obligatory lust after wallpaper, fabric or throw pillows that my otherwise occupied checkbook is not able to entertain.

Wish me luck, the fanny and I need it!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad we got to send you off into the study in good form on Thursday. I can't wait to hear about how this goes and maybe get a bit of inspiration from you:)

  2. good luck! this sounds like a great way to learn how to eat healthy...which we could all certainly use ;)

  3. Well you are being very brave to share your goal and struggle, Hillary! Go get em! P.S. the post you asked abt on my blog is by Anthony Burrill and you can buy it here
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Girl, I am proud of you! Praying for the six months to be successful and FAST. Love you. and by the way...stop by my blog. the address is

  5. What are opportunity! I hope it is hugely successful! And I hope the food is super yummy!!

  6. Just read your report on the study and all you are involved in. Congratulations and best of luck for the outcome you hope for. Brave lady!!Virginia


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