Saturday, April 11, 2015

Keeping it real - Easter Dress Style

Even though I'm now in my "Easter Dress" is still a must.  I don't know that I will ever outgrow this notion and requirement.  This year Easter snuck up on me and the week of Easter I was clicking through the web looking for said garment. All of these photos are ones I took on my phone while texting with my Mother about "which one looked best" I'm keeping it real with my camera photos instead of the actual web pics.  You know...a little blogging character. The majority of the options I selected were from ASOS Curve, but I also liked a few from Talbots, Simbly Bee, Rachel Pally, and MimuMaxi (where approximately 80% of my dresses are from these days.) I ended up ordering a dress from ASOS with 2 day shipping and it did arrive on time. I also ordered a Rachel Pally dress with 2 day shipping and it didn't come until Easter Monday (#fail). 

Dress #1 - ASOS 

Dress #2 - ASOS I have this one in a shorter version and LOVE it

Dress #3 - ASOS I decided this one had way too much going on in the hip region. 
I don't need any extra attention drawn on that area.  Thus this dress didn't make the short list. 

Dress #4 - ASOS this is the dress I ordered and love it. It is long and has a very nice shape about it. 
The back is a little lower than I would like and naturally it has no sleeves. I don't do bare arms in church (period). Has nothing to do with size. I is just something I don't do.  I'm of the cover your knees/arms THE END persuasion. I don't care if you're 15, 32, 50, or 85. Keep it real while you're in church. Long story short, I like this one a lot. I bought a navy elbow length cardigan to wear of the top. It's lovely. 

Dress #5- Simply Bee
This one was $29. And it is pink. 
The end. A good deal to be had. 

Dress #6 - MimuMaxi
I have nearly every dress they sell. I wear them with everything to everything and for everything. 
It is probably the most versitle articles of clothing I've ever owned. That keeps me a loyal customer. 
I can do a day's work in it - looking good - feeling good - and roll into the evening activity per day and still feel appropriately dressed.  Likewise, it suits my personal guidelines for church of keeping it real (if you don't remember that portion look up about 2 photos). I highly recommend this company. 
If you've not done it - check them out! 

I ended up wearing the white Cascade dress (pictured above) for Easter and was quite pleased with it. In addition to being a bit of a goose about various wardrobe things - I also am into grey scale pieces.  It is unlikely to see me wearing a bunch of color - and if so, it is an accessory. I'm good with black and white and all the shades in between.  So that was another part of my conundrum searching for an Easter dress.  I felt like a flower garden in 95% of the options.  Thus, decided to stick with the solids of my preferred grey scale. 

Well - so - I ordered 2 dresses. 1 of them showed up on time and 1 did not.  I ended up wearing one of my Mimu dresses for Easter. I'll wear the other two undoubtedly sometime this spring/summer. In addition to my modesty rule, I also have a rule that if I won't wear it at least 3 times in the upcoming season - I don't buy it.  So alas, here we go for spring and with some new, quite dandy dresses to sport.

Where have you been?

Where in the world have you been young lady? 
Sorry...I've been a bit tied up lately. Per usual. 
Here is one of my sporadic blog posts to show you what I've been up to. 
I've been spending my time on campus - obviously - as I'm a doctoral student
 I'm also working on campus in the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music. 
(the building on the left in the picture below)

I've been doing some temp work in the music school at University of Memphis for the past few weeks. It has been nice to return to the habitat of "my kind"...I will say the smell of a music building (at least the ones I've been in) smell like music buildings, rather than science buildings...there's something about that smell that throws me back to Murphy Hall at my undergrad and summers of music camp, etc.  That smell, the same nostalgic smell is what I'm experiencing every day at work. And perhaps it isn't at all that it smells like a "music building" it is just a cognitive reminder of happy things in the past. Regardless of any notion - it is good to be "home" in a place where the sounds (and smells) are familiar.


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