Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Warby Parker

I've been on the hunt for some new eye glasses.  I have had the same pair for a little over (social gaps) 5 years! I'd say that's getting your money's worth...wouldn't you?

Tonight while searching on line I found an extra cool company called Warby Parker.  They are the eyeglass equivalent of TOMS.  You buy a pair, they give a pair.  And here's the big news, their frames are totally affordable!  You can buy a complete pair, Rx lenses and all for less than 100 bucks! (Cha-ching!) That's right, money saved is money earned!

The added bonus to the previous big news is that you get to check them out like a library book, so yes that means for free, to see if you like them before you commit to buying them.  You can check out as many as 5 pairs of frames to try on in the comfort of your own home before you select a pair to be Rx filled.

I didn't pick 5 pairs, I only selected 3 pairs for my in home trial.  Here's what I picked out...

photos: Warby Parker

They're set to arrive (all free of charge, shipping both ways and all) in 5 business days...I'm pulling for the blue pair, but we'll see what happens.  The things I like usually look way cooler in photo than in real life. 

So look for a post in "5 business days" to check 'em out.  Doesn't a gal always need some feedback on something like this? 


  1. Wow! Hillary, I have never heard of Warby Parker glasses, but I love TOMS. Seriously, I got 2 pairs for xmas because my old pair had TWO holes in them (and I still wore them). Thanks for the heads up!

    ALSO, thank you so so much for your dear comments on my DD post! I'm very excited and all the comments made my day!


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