Wednesday, February 27, 2013

cards and imagination....

Spring time is practically here.  I'm starting to think about some possible projects for the upcoming months to freshen up our house. We finally took the tree down after Valentine's Day.  It sort of multi-holidayed through my birthday and then into February.  We only put it up on December 21st (or there about) so hey, I was catching up.

Handsome was ready for it to come down as it was blocking his clear view in the sun room of his kingdom (AKA, the front yard).

Handsome also apparently has a problem with what's going on in our guest room.  Which, by the way has turned into an impossible storage space.  The guest room is getting used this weekend, I have t-minus 2 days to get it worked out! In the meantime, Handsome refuses to go in. He just stands in the hallway and looks in.

 The butler's pantry hasn't ever been a source of clutter (for the most part) but in this case it is also having some difficulties. I took this photo last night while sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the room.  That's probably not going to work out in there....Sheesh.

On another...completely unrelated note....I have new calling cards.

I ordered them from Zazzle   and am so excited with how they turned out. 
The paper thickness is great, the printing is very clear. 
They had great design options and I was able to include components I required. 

The front has my name and city (duh, obviously) and 
the back has all of my social media outlets. 
Twitter, blog, IG, phone number, and email.

I've had business cards before for lessons and what not...but I found that I never really used them. Even after all these years.  The times I found I needed them were really to disburse my phone number or email.  SO this time, I just went for a calling card instead of a business card. The information I included on the music business card wasn't as fun quite frankly and truth be told.... the design wasn't either. I digress.  I really like this one and I think it will fit the needs of the task.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stella and Dot

I'm sure many of you have heard of it.

Well, I have joined the party.  I had a little bit of birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. And knowing how I roll with that whole money burning in my pocket thing plus the fact that I do love jewelry... Ipso-facto, that's what happened. That's my story.

Among my first purchases were these 3 lovely necklaces.  I'm so excited to have them and I've quite seriously worn them almost every day.  The Pegasus necklace is absolutely lovely. It's not heavy, it doesn't make my neck hot, and it's not itchy.  All things I considered when making my purchase.

Should you have any interest in these jewels or anything in the line, I hope you'll look them up on my Stella and Dot web page.

Monday, February 11, 2013


WELL. I'm nearly 2 weeks into being thirty years old. (gulp.) It seems like I just said I was 95. I think for some turning 30 is no trouble, yet for me it seemed to be more of the trauma persuasion. None the less, it happened. It came, it went, it's done. The celebration has continued, the last party was just yesterday. Here are a few snap shots from the actual birthday and the day after.

 Precious hands of students at school.
A banner on my classroom door. 

 birthday balloons at our house

 surprise flowers from Mom and Dad

 Friday evening brought a surprise birthday party at our house. 
Mary Clayton, a gal pal and teacher friend from school.

 Mary Poppins at the Orpheum last Tuesday.
P.S. it was most spectacular.

 Friday night party, Geoff cooked some of my favorite things.

 Birthday (day) dinner at Acre my new favorite place.

 A lovely banner on my classroom door from another precious class. 

All in all, these things helped me into my 4th century of life. 
All good things and blessings to have, hold, and enjoy!


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