Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#DWH2 - Gallery Wall

#DWH2  The Den - Gallery Wall

I posted several times this spring about working on the den at #dwh2.
Check out this post, post and post about her progress.

When we went to Chicago in January, we hauled it out to Shaumburg to the middle of a snow storm. It was great.  GHW got to use his Canadian snow driving skills and I got to go to Ikea.

When I bought the shelves in January, I intended to put them in the lady room. As the den started coming together, it came to be that they really were best used in there.  So there it is.

The inspiration for this "installation" comes from Barney's.  (The department store, not the purple dinosaur. Just wanted to clear that up. ) Their home section is really quite lovely - a museum, if you will, for home decor. Their book section is one of my favorite areas of the floor.

 Barney's Department Store - Home Floor

And then there's my new Kate Spade 2015 planner.  Hmmm. 
Considerable nod to the wall at Barney's, don't you think? 

So here's what all the hah-bub is about. 
Enter: My favorite spray paint (pictured below) for the brackets that were originally stainless steel. At the last minute I took them out back and sprayed a coat on them.  The stainless steel seemed like a good idea and would probably have been okay but that wasn't the look I was after. I wanted the shelves to be a non factor - merely utilitarian and to completely blend in with the (VERY) white wall.
Ikea Ekby - The planks were already finished in a nice lacquer white. I used 4 planks for this project. 2 small, and 2 large.  The larger planks are on the bottom and the smaller are on the top.

The final product is quite good.  All in all it took about 20 minutes to have all 4 shelves up on the wall. I can't believe we waited 6 months to actually do it.  What a great additive to the room.  It really feels nice walking in/out/through the space having this in place.  I'm sure that I will continue to fiddle with the positioning of the pieces, etc. over the next few days.  Within about 10 minutes of having the shelves up, this is what landed in place.  Gotta start with something, right-o. 

I don't really intend to put books on these shelves, using them for pictures is really the intention. There are shelves available for books to the immediate right around the closet door if need be. I have so many framed pieces and other items that really needed a place for them to be displayed without looking ridiculous.  A work in progress none the less.  In under an hour - work well done.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Laundry (Play)list

Laundry (Play)List

1:33pm - July 21, 2014 - Kenmore and Lafayette - SoHo
My last pic in the city for #ghwlci14
This pic is posted in my Instagram account at the top left side of the home page screen. 

Sigh...Good pic, Huh. 
It's the last view I had of NYC before we got to the airport yesterday. 

Back home to #dwh2 today - laundry by the loads and I have a couple of house  projects in the hopper. Yes, it does involve my favorite spray paint and yes I am a mess, it's everywhere. Theme today - "Keep it moving people, keep it moving". And for that, sometimes you just need a playlist.
Those suitcases weight 49.5 lbs and 47 lbs respectively.Yikes.

Well - I actually made the playlist yesterday before our flight took off in New York.  It's the playlist I listened to en route to Memphis and the one I'm listening to again today. Last week when in NYC I realized how much I missed my tunes.  I shared this with a new friend from class and explained in saying that since I reside in a city that drives in their own car everywhere, the radio is always available. Being in NYC that many days seriously but a slash in my radio tune time. (Which then explains why everybody has a set of Beats headphones on their head - okay well very nearly everybody but that's another story for another post at another time.)

iTunes took the liberty of alphabetizing the playlist for me...wasn't that nice? 

1. Always in My Head - Coldplay
2. Beggin' - Madcon (Heard it in Jersey Boys but like this version better)
3. Brave - Sara Bareillas (bought this album when it came out - good tunes all around)
4. Empire State of Mine (Part II) - Alicia Keys solo version (I've been in NYC for 17 days, any surprises with this one?)
5. Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
6. Halo - Beyonce
7. I Choose You - Sara Bareilles
8. Irreplaceable (Ralphi Rosario Dub Remix) - Beyonce
9. Just for Now - Imogen Heap
10. Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
11. My Eyes Adored You - Jersey Boys (Original Broadway Cast)
12. No One - Alicia Keys
13. Quermos Paz - Gotan Project
14. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine
15. Show Me What I'm Looking for - Carolina Liar 
16. Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) - Nina Simone & Felix Da Housecat - Verve Remixed 2 - The original of this song was in Thomas Crown Affair when he stole the painting from the Metropolitan Museum, I also listened to this one on the Met steps on Sunday.  It was totally great. 
17. Time To Pretend - MGMT (Memphis hometown heros)
18. Umbrella (feat. Jay - Z) - Rihanna
19. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) - Fun.
20. When Your Mind's Made Up - Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova from Once (Music from the Motion Picture) 
21. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
22. Why Can't I? - Liz Phair (the clean version, mind you) 
23. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (come on... you know you like this song don't throw it under the bus. Miley may be a bit "dirty" but she sings)
24. You've Got the Love - Florence + The Machine

If you're in need a rockin' playlist to supply energy, mood, a tapping toe - this is a good spread.
Now...back to that laundry list. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Language - testimonial part 2

I'm back.  I've thought of some other things.  This is the second post for the day. I've not had a substantial amount of school homework so I've got to stretch my words to some other canvas.  Also, this is something I actually want to write about so there's the element of "fun" within this that doesn't always extend to homework, know what I mean? So -  Read the post prior to this if you're interested.

Yesterday, Sunday July 20th we scored some great seats to Jersey Boys...and by great I mean front row and we were practically ON the stage.  Yep. I felt every breathe the dudes took.

Have you seen it? My lord...dudes can sing! It pumped my spirit - like good music usually does.
It's worth the download - Jersey Boys (Original Broadway Cast Recording). Songs of specific interest include "My Eyes Adore You", "Beggin", "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"...amazing. Good songs, good lyrics, good singing.  Done. Done. Done.

Prior to hitting up the show - I walked about 25 blocks north. We are staying at 47th and Lex and I walked right up Ave of the Americas to the Met.  It was terrific.  No tourists walking slowly or taking photos with their ipads up in the air. It was nice to have the calm on an otherwise busy street. It was so fun and highly enjoyable that I continued walking - I walked - and walked - and walked some more.  For a while I walked with a similar group of people.  I wondered what they were doing or where they were going.  I wonder if they thought the same of me? At one point, an older man I'd been walking by for probably 12 blocks actually said "good bye" before he turned right and walked away from me.  It was like we had experienced the same beauty - I agree (with myself) - it was nice that he said bye. We didn't speak a word that whole time - just walked practically side by side. 

After many more blocks it was my turn to turn left - this led me to the Met. A happy place from the week's past (and 2 summers ago when I first came as a student to LCI).

I sat on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Classy joint, ya know? Okay so I sat there for probably two hours (and subsequently I have a ridiculous sun burn because I can't get any whiter and people who are as white as I am are supposed to use sunblock) and when I initially walked up the steps I wondered..."how long do I have to sit here before I see somebody go by that I know...?"  I have an answer for you. Within the first few moments of time sitting there, perhaps 20 minutes in actuality, I saw 2 people pass by that I knew. Crazy, right? The first person was in my class at Lincoln Center TWO YEARS AGO! That was wild. Remember, when you meet somebody, you never know where their path will cross yours again. It does happen - the world is not that big.  The second was somebody I heard during a group panel this summer.  She was with her family and they were partaking in the plethora of street vendor food options. 

It was fun to hear the conversations of people around me sitting on the steps - regardless of the language they were speaking - their voices emphasized content that demonstrated their emotion. That's the neat thing about words - they always have lots of meaning.  While sitting on the steps I also witnessed a marriage proposal.  It made me cry.  Yep. It was very beautiful. It was entirely in Spanish, but let me tell you...everybody within ear/eye shot understood what words this man was speaking to his (future)wife. 

It is now time to pack up the computer - to zip up the suitcase and to return to Shelby County Tennessee. I wrote these to "testimonials" because I wanted to remember them.  They were not part of my school experiences these past two weeks but rather important details that needed notating in some way, shape, or form. Things to learn from, by, and to remember.


The font above is out of control - I need to re code that - it says EMPIRESTATEOFMIND

Today is my last day in NYC.  I knew upon arrival on July 5th that the time would fly by - sadly, it has. And now it is time to return to Memphis and the actualities of what's to come.  What's to come you say? I'm not sure - but I feel like something good.  Time in the city always clears my head - reminds of of what I love - helps me focus on what I'm good at - and what my priorities are. This time more than ever - I have realized this.

If you take a scroll over to my Instagram account to on the top right of my blog home page - you can see over 100 pics from time in the city.  If you can't see them, just look up the hashtag #ghwlci14 that will direct you to them.

10 Things I discovered while in the city....

1. I am fast walker.  Due to the supreme lack of walking in Memphis, this was lost on me. One of my very dearest friends, Dr. Jeffery Robinson M.D., says "walk with a purpose" I did.
2. I really like getting dressed up every day.  This sounds goofy perhaps, but I find it really easy to slide into a routine of "frump town" in Memphis.  Perhaps that is related to my daily duties of working with small children? None the less - it is true that when you are dressed, you do feel better about what you're doing.
3. There are lots of really cool people in this world.  When you come across one, or two, or three new ones that is a real treat.  When you can leave with a whole new circuit of contacts, that's saying something.
4. I really like Thai food.  I don't eat it enough.  Does this exist in Memphis? I mean, more than Bangkok Alley? I need to investigate.
5. Socks and shoes are really the best idea. I've realistically tried every combination that could look outfit appropriate.  When it comes down to it - socks make the difference.  Your feet are your ride - invest in good tires.
6. I am in love with the sense of "wonder".  Don't ever eliminate it as part of what you do each day. When you have lost that sense - time to refocus and/or get the hale out of town.
7. While I do have friends everywhere on the globe - as I said to one of my new friends I made this trip - the bulk of the people I've like for more than 5 minutes all live here (NYC). People who have been with me for decades...yup there's a bunch of them here.  You can't ever override the effectiveness of having a good circle of friends close by.  Misery is the alternative, and it is no good. Live it. Learn it.
8. This one may be a bit brutal but it is the truth in all actuality - My skill set is highly under utilized in Memphis. I'm stuck... And it's killing me. If you haven't experienced growth and/or joy, time to reevaluate.
9. Size doesn't always matter (in this case).  Now, I know that we have only been here for about 3 weeks but I am good with not having a ton of space.  And by a ton, considering the 5000 sq ft we have now in Memphis vs. the probably 600 sq ft I've lived in while in NYC.  That is something I always thought would be "just awful".  Not true.  It's totally fine.  And quite honestly, it would likely downsize the amount I accumulate - I've got a ton of unnecessary stuff. Seriously.  Seriously.  Time to get rid of some stuff. Look out for an upcoming online shoe sale.
10. It is okay to be quiet and still. Reflection is very important towards progress. If you don't have anything to reflect on -find something- make it a priority - trust me you'll feel better.

I would imagine that this series of noticing will continue.  I have about 6 more hours before take off. I may find some more in that time causing my collection may grow. Stay tuned.


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