Friday, October 8, 2010

End of Week 6

Today was the end of week 6.  Thanks be to God, 6 weeks down, 20 (gulp) to go! Despite all my worry wart efforts, or lack there of, I still managed to lose 2.2 pounds this week.  
In 6 weeks time, this has helped me reach the (almost) 20 pound mark.  WOO-HOO. 
I hope the next 6 weeks bring be some success, and the next 6 after that, and the next 6 after that. 

A friend of mine posted some photos on Facebook this week of her favorite wines.  Oh goodness, they looked FABULOUS.  I'd say that is the one thing about being in this process that has been difficult, letting go!  There are a few things I genuinely and popcorn. Everything else, I've pretty much learned to do without.  It is really surprising to me how much my habits have changed even over the span of 6 weeks.  

In the months and years before, I've tried various other "diet programs" to help me maintain my weight or help me to lose weight.  I've done, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig (which turned out to be way to expensive) and the super nasty Nutrisystem. All of the programs work, it is just a matter of how long can you stay on them.  I think that's the trouble with a so called "diet program".  You only can do it for so long.  All this being said, of the programs I mentioned, Weight Watchers is the only one that seems to be realistic towards the needs of human social life.  

With Weight Watchers you can eat what you want to without feeling bad about it.  If you choose to go to McDonald's and eat a Big Mac, that's may run yourself out of points for the day but you've picked your poison. If you want to eat 17 cups of veggies, so be it.  If you want to, oh say for example, have WINE and POPCORN, go for it.  There are lots of options, and you quickly learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck.  

Jenny Craig has fabulous foods, the only problem was that it was really expensive. On an average week the cost would be $125.  I'm fine with spending that much per week on food, it just needs to feed than 1 person.  

Now as for the Nutrisystem, which is currently flooding the market with commercials, their food is awful.  A person could potentially stand to eat if for 1 month. I don't actually know of any person who has consumed their product for longer.  I myself made it a month barely, but only because I was desperate to lose weight.  Barely, could I eat it. I actually think I lost weight because I didn't eat the food and was afraid to eat anything else in it's place because I had spent a gob of money to buy the kit.  I think you get my point on the Nutrisystem. 

Several times a week I wonder how I'll do once this medical study is over.  The whole point of this study is to track the effects of how a proper diet changes your body (all things relating to diabetes).  Me losing weight is just a bonus because I'm actually eating a proper diet as prescribed by a doctor and a nutritionist. It is kind of amazing how much I'm learning in this process too, which leaves me with the question..."Why in the world aren't kids learning more about their nutritional needs in school?" Seriously, it is called a REQUIRED CLASS, everybody needs to take it, just like drivers ed. 


  1. 20 lbs, holy goodness! congratulations!

  2. Yea for the 20!!!!!

    and you know what? drivers ed isn't even required anymore....not even offered as a school year class or drive a certain number of hours with a parent and BOOM! you are granted a license. Craziest thing I've ever heard of!

    I agree nutrition should be a required class and I think credit card debt/ finances should be another required class.

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