Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Workforce

For the past year, I have been a full time seminary student, a piano and voice teacher, a staff singer at a church, a long term substitute, a mother to my kitty, and my husbands wife (this does not mean that I became overly domestic).  All very good things.   Good things, but one thing was missing.  That illuminous full time job. I have scouted out various options and was nearly to the point of securing my fate as a full time piano and voice teacher.  Which is awesome, who doesn't like working from home? With my faithful kitty as my assistant it was quite a fine set up.

On with the story...

About two weeks ago, my path took a turn as I was hired by my very favorite furniture company, Worlds Away. Located right here in Memphis. Haven't heard of the company? Here are a few photos of our goods!

The company sells to the trade, although there is a small retail business that functions for discontinued items and 2nds. This week has been quite a thrill, I've seen a lots of things, have talked to designers from all over the US and Canada and let me tell you...the first time I answered a call from Neiman Marcus, my heart nearly stopped.  That was quite a thrill.   Also, this week furniture was shipped to HBO for a set, and two tables went to Valerie Bertinelli for her private home. Well then.

Week 1 was a wild success and great fun, I hope week 2 is a duplicate!

A Prince and his Princess.

These photos are so amazing.  This is THE wedding of our generation.  And as friends have said, there just isn't anything like this in the USA.  Singing the anthem and shooting off fireworks just is not the same.  The American "royal families" don't allow the public in in the way that the British do. For example, when Chelsea Clinton got many photos were there...10-15? Not many and forget getting to see any part of the ceremony. Same goes with Jenna Bush.  I would have watched that.

As it were, I was up just in time to see Catherine Middleton get into Rolls Royce 1 along with her father for the drive to Westminster Abbey.  I stood like a fool, about 3 feet from a 50" tv taking pictures with my husbands iphone. (as though there would be no photos to see after it were over..) I wept like a baby, as a very good portion of their wedding music was music from the Dow-Ward wedding.  When she walked in to Perry's "I was glad" it very much so reminded me of our wedding...except we used Walton's "Antiphon".  Blah, blah, blah.

As the coverage progressed, I all the sudden shot up...completely forgetting that I did in fact have to join the work force that morning by going to work.

When I arrived to work I flipped on NPR hoping to catch a glimpse at any wedding activity during the day.  Every time NPR played the royal trumpet fanfare I sprung out of my seat like a jack in the box.

Needless to say, I'm completely enamored with this union, their nuptials, the fanfare and regalia.

Somebody may have to come pry me away from the television as BBC America and I have become one.

What a happy weekend, and in the words of Perry's anthem....I was glad!

Monday, April 25, 2011

4:00am call time

I have grown with the phrase "call time".  Since I was in about the 7th grade this term has dictated the timeline of not only myself but my family, and now my life as a married couple.  We frequently say in conversation, "oh, what's the call time for this (or that)?" Most of the time we use this phrase for something that is required of us, not for example for something such as a dinner reservation. Thusly, I'm declaring that next Friday morning, our call time to be in front of the television set is 4am.

Many Americans are saying 'bah-hum-bug" to this once in a lifetime ROYAL wedding celebration. I however, will not.  My Canadian husband (who tilts his hat to the Queen) will be up bright and early to watch this historical event.

If you are one of the party goers for said wedding celebration, here are a couple of items to help get you "in the mood".  Will's own mother and father had wedding memorabilia it's not hard to imagine that he (and his lovely bride) will have their own too!  Fortunately for us, living in 2011, we have better access than folks did in 1981.

So...Anybody need a 3:58am wake up call? 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Girls With Glasses Show-decorating a corner

Last evening a friend of ours came for dinner.  We were discussing her new apartment options for next fall, and by apartment I do mean rental apartment. Naturally, like any full time student and human living in 2011, she is on a budget.  Many of us have lived through the "DO NOT PAINT" section in our lives and can greatly sympathize with those who are pushing through it. As you will see in this video, just because you can't paint doesn't mean your place can't be cute.  
Although I personally believe that a coat of paint will change your life...and the smell of your apartment! 

Just in case you were looking for a little inspiration towards putting a corner together, here it is!

As per the chair she uses from overstock, here it is!

Happy Easter to the kids in the neighborhood and beyond!

via: Tumblr

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There shall be light, but not through the window.

Question: Does anybody else go leave their house packing a tape measure?
This is become a habitual routine when I depart from our house.  You just never know when you're going to need to measure something.  This could be curtains, light fixtures, a console, a sofa a lamp. You really just never know where the day will lead you. Today, unfortunately, I left the trusty yellow Stanley's contractor grade 16' buddy at home.

After picking up my daily dose of Starbucks, I found myself at the new Worlds Away warehouse and showroom. They are totally still in the unpack phase, but I'm telling you I walked in and immediately had a smile on my face.  The newly developed bones of this operation is fabulous.  They have several rooms set up like vignettes at a market, all of which make my mind move with ideas like a wildfire.

Today, my mind was preoccupied with two particular items, light fixtures and curtains.

Potential living room fixture. 
As it would happen my electrician 
was there doing installs in the new building, 
he was on hand for residential consultation (ha!). 

Oh dear, where could I put this?!?

I spy a red fixture!

I would totally put this in my kitchen! 

ah, be still my heart

Ta-Da! I could hide some music in this dashing piece of furniture. 

After looking through the furniture portion of the showroom, I ventured back to the curtains and sewing department.  There displayed was rows, and rows, and more rows of beautiful fabric, and ready made curtains. Immediately I was drawn to a yellow/gold pair.  Now to my credit, this is a color/item that I have been very interested in for a while, I've just now had a place to put them....until recently (chuckle). 

As I'm sure you'll remember, last fall we had multiple rooms in our house painted.  One of them being the butler's pantry which we use as "home office". Prior to the painting it was an unusual yellowish yolky color.  It was okay, not anything worth gasping over, but none the less not the vibe I am going for. It totally works in other homes, but this one, not so much. Just to clarify. The newly painted room color was selected to blend with the gold plaster molding and light fixture that are original to the house. 

After the painting, this is what I'm working with around the window. 

As of today, this is what I am considering...

Adds a bit of punch don't you think? I do believe that the hardware will have to be changed and if so I'd like to put it closer to the ceiling rather than on the window frame.

What do WE think? 

These curtains for sure provide a different spin to the room's decor.  The white cotton panels are Pottery Barn specials that hold up nicely in the wash as the feline likes to dirty them on a regular basis. Black fur + white curtains = mess.  Having these silk curtains might not be as functional. So, check mark on the cons side for function, and about 3 check marks on the pros side for beauty.  

And speaking of beauty, as I'm typing this post I've got this beauty sitting next to me.  And by beauty I mean my assistant, Handsome. 

All photos: by me and yes they're on my ratty iphone 3gs...I should be buying a camera not curtains. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

craigslist finds

When you click on your blog reader, it should have a warning sign.  
The sign should read thusly...

"Caution, reading these blogs may give your pocket book a run for the money, and may even cause you to not be able to sleep at night because of all the fabulous ideas you come up with.  You may additionally become known to others as a craigslist junky, flea market super hero, or an expert on paint swatches and fabrics. Happy browsing!"

Yes friends, I'm at it again.  I've found two lovely posts on craigslist that I'm totally into. One of them is an item that I actually have on my "needs" list and the other is still part of a previous wing back chair obsession. Fuel to the fire folks, fuel to the fire.

Here is exhibit number 1:

The lion head pulls alone make me LOVE it! This piece would be lovely in the dining room.
I actually like this piece as is, but also can see having it painted to include a nice glossy finish.

Exhibit 2:

Yes, an encore presentation that reaffirms my obsession with wing back chair. As I'm sure you remember, I did purchase one back in January. I have even made some plans to give it new life. But that doesn't put out the flame (if you will) I have for these chairs. I mean seriously, this is even a set.

What do you search for on craigslist? Do you have favorite items you frequent, or are you a good strong willed type that can buy the item and move on? If so, let's be friends!

Hope your week is off to a good start. Happy Browsing!

photos via craigslist memphis

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quite seriously, I just said "OMG"

For the past week I have been LOVING this bicycle by Kate Spade. 

Earlier this spring I suspected something was up when their add campaigns, 
featuring Bryce Dallas Howard, showed her on the exact same green bicycle. 

With many things, I have found that time shall tell and 
good things come to those who wait, 
and last week this dandy was revealed to the world for sale! 

You may purchase this beautifully shaded green
bicycle on line at Adeline Adeline. 

Photos via Google Images, Kate Spade, and Adeline Adeline. 

Kate Spade summer prints have arrived!

This morning while I was sitting in the sunroom and while Handsome was screaming at the neighbor cats, up rolled the UPS man.  I was surprised to see an actual UPS man driving a the big brown truck, living in Memphis I've grown quite used to seeing the FedEx fellows.  Up on the porch the UPS guy came and there in his left hand, my Kate Spade summer prints. 

Needless to say, I ripped open the package like a child on Christmas morning. 




The new set of prints will join the Spring set of prints to be framed like so...
Pictured: February, January, March

While I was sitting in the sunroom this morning, 
I nearly had to smack myself over this corner of the room...

Do you see that? Those heaps and mounts and piles of books. 
Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. We need them, we honestly do. The sad part of this story is that there are other stacks on the piano, and beside the piano.  A bookshelf resolution must be found pronto.  (Before it gets even more out of hand!)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Today while browsing on Etsy for some scrumptious art I found the lovely work by Janet Hill Studio.

Her pieces are so beautiful, I literally want ALL of them.  These are my personal favorites, the ones I would love to have pronto.  But more realistically, the ones I will make a selection from.

Which one(s) do you like? 


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