Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The wire hare and dining table arrive.

Well, Hello. 
Do you like my collection of wildlife that currently resides on the fireplace? I had a random "hare" a couple of weeks ago and bought a giant painting in a big gold frame. A little crazy town? Yep, it has come to live at my house. Currently there is a giant wire rabbit sitting next to it to keep my cat from attacking it. The horse may get to stay. 

In other news, a new piece of furniture has come to live at our house.  When we moved into our home we had enough furniture to cover the guest bedroom and our TV room.  In the past 4.5 years we have collected, discarded, and absorbed a few other pieces. Our dining room table was purchased at Bojo's (may the blessed store rest in peace) with a set of dining chairs.  They were worth the coin, but I knew we wouldn't have them forever.  We got new dining chairs approximately a year after. 

Here is our dining room as of last Saturday morning.  
Our old table, new chairs.

Here is our dining room as of Saturday evening.
Our new table, new chairs. 

What's the difference you ask? 

The old table was 8' long the new table is 10' long.
The new table accommodates 3-4 chairs per side. 
The old table accommodates 2-3 per side. 
The new table is a very, very dark brown. 
The old table was a light wood color (that was about 40 years old). 

This is Rachel Zoe's new dining room. 
What a great room. 
It goes without saying this is an inspiration photo.

What are we going to do with the old table you say? 
It's currently sitting in the middle of the living room...
about 6 inches from the front door. 
My Dad suggested I should start taking depositions.

Monday, April 2, 2012

unexpected FREE find

Today I was making a trip to Sonic for a tasty happy hour slush when I saw the greatest curb find ever!
I thought it must be some kind of mistake and surely these chairs had been put towards the curb waiting for pick up. Sure enough they were practically in the street! I drove past thinking it was to good to be true, then about 15 minutes later drove back by and they were still there.  So I pulled a "U", and rolled up to the curb and stopped.  I looked around to see if anybody was going to appear and tell me they weren't free for the taking.  I even saw a neighbor outside and yelped, "ARE THESE FREE"....they replied "Yes". So, in the car they went and away I drove.

What am I going to do with them you ask? Answer: I have no idea. They will probably get some paint and a new seat cover. I may even put them on Craigslist. Right now, I'm so excited to have found them, I'm unsure of their future. Great day, huh?

Service/Bar Cart

Are you on the hunt for a bar cart? 
I'm not...but on the off chance that any of you are...I found some!
So, the day is saved. 

Now, my finds aren't from the regular bar cart types of sources.  Rather, Harbor Freight Tools. Yes, I know I've gone mad.  First I switch Tory Burch for Aerosoles, and now I'm shopping at the tool store. You must think I've lost it. Alas, this is a totally suitable option that is high on style and low on cost.

Option 1 - rings in at $69.99
AND also comes in a 2 shelf version. 

Option 2 - rings in at a smashing $37.99
This dandy comes in a couple of other color
options but who doesn't like this sassy red?

I could see these carts being used for a variety of other things.
Such as an extra storage space for towels, etc in your bathroom
(depending on your style) or in your kitchen to hold small appliances.
Possibly as a cart near your washer and dryer to
wheel things back to their respected places once folded.
You see, this cart really is for "service"...

Since both of these are built for utility and the elements, they could function both inside and out. Should I be on the hunt for a (bar) cart...I would head over to Harbor Freight Tools to snatch up one of these cute things. Perhaps, I'll even see you there! 

Happy Spring!


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