Sunday, November 7, 2010

Butler's Pantry- Before

The butler's pantry has proven to be a very useful room, so useful that it is where all the piles and heaps seem to land.  This room is also yet another exhibit of the various shades of yellow throughout the house.  Since this room is filed under "high frequency use" it MUST have a little make over.  These piles and heaps aren't just going to fix themselves!

Here's what we are working with: 

3 door ways, 1 window

This table is fabulous to use as a bar for parties
but not so fabulous to sit at for doing work.

As the room gets cleared out a little, it is easier
to see what shades might look nice on the walls.
The chandelier is original to the house as is the gold
plaster molding.  It FOR SURE has to stay!

Plans for this room: EXTREME de-clutter and paint on the walls that will accent the gold plaster molding and trim around the chandelier.

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