Sunday, July 10, 2011

new chairy love

via: From Me to You

See this chair? Yes the pink one above. See it? 
Memorize it, because when you find one, you call me. 
It doesn't have to be in good shape, it doesn't have to have pretty fabric.  It just has to be this style. 

These chairs are so fabulous.  
They have been for decades. 
I'm just wild for them. 
Again...when you find them, you call me!

The credit for this beautiful pink chairy above goes to From Me to You.  Literally everything in that apartment is beautiful, right down to the Kelly green tiles in the kitchen. I would move to that very space in .0005 seconds. Seriously. 

Enough with my crazy desire to move to NYC...
back to the original subject at hand, the chair.

In the midst of my search I did actually find one that I really do like. I just don't like the nearly $1200.00 price tag. But if push comes to shove it may be a viable option. It surely does look good...doesn't it?!?!?  

I give you, Ballard Designs Bergere Chair.

Twill slipcovers, and a nice foxy leg. 

I know I'm not the only one who has looked to Ballard Design as an option.
Thusly I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat of being totally 
smitten with a piece and finding it not an actual option.  Bummer. 

via: Little Green Notebook

For the past week, Jenny at Little Green Notebook has been sharing her 5 part series on her revamp of this very chair. I learned through this series that these chairs are mid-century bergeres.  Hmm, good to know. I also learned that I don't think I could ever recover a chair like this or any chair for that matter myself. I truly admire those who can.  Unfortunately, I was not born with this in my available skill set. And I will just have to live with it and move on.  Way to go Jenny, this is really an awesome project. 

Now as I was saying earlier...

Once again, you find some for sale, you call me!
Happy Sunday. 
 It's time for a nap with the kitty and the hubs. 

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