Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kate Spade-Georgetown

4th of July this year was awesome!  

I had a very patriotic, American 4th of July with my Canadian husband in Washington D.C. along with 90 of our friends from the Memphis Chamber Choir/ Memphis Boychoir and St. John's Episcopal Church. It was a right fun time, "y'all". 

4th of July started off for The Canadian at Washington National Cathedral for an organ recital. For me, his American wife, I chose to start my day at Kate Spade in Georgetown. 

I tell you what...I could spend days walking up and down the streets of Georgetown, the architecture is absolutely stunning. It took my breath away, well the architecture along with the rancid humidity!

This was quite possibly the smallest Kate Spade store I've been in. It doesn't matter though how small the room, a Kate Spade store is still a Kate Spade store. End of story!

If the Kate Spade brand sold this canvas print, they'd make about a bagillion more dollars a year. I don't know a girl that doesn't want one.  They're so cool. And I love the shade of raspberry. 

Such great stories. I love these classic little anecdotes that are printed all over their pieces.

If my hardwoods were in bad shape, I'd go right to painting them to look like this! I just love the striped floors in KSNY stores. 

One of my purchases while on the trip. 
What an excellent piece to commemorate an 
amazing experience and great travel with friends!

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