Sunday, June 19, 2011

X-Stool Continued x 2

My X-Stool venture has carried on for several months.  

I believe the case is now closed. 

I started with this simple bench from Target. 

Then I bought some canvas and attempted to cover the top.  It was "okay"....

After about 4 months with that...
I now have this....

Kind of amazing what you can do with a basic piece.  
The revamp is curtsy of the talented artisan at Worlds Away (where I work). 
I now have a foot stool/bench that not only matches the vast majority 
of my furniture but also a piece that I'm really in love with.  A win/win situation!

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  1. just now catching up on blogs (the shame!) and saw this post - love it!! good decorating choices being made chez dow-ward :)


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