Saturday, July 16, 2011

The lights are on, and yes I'm home.

Wouldn't be great if every month you had, oh say $5000.00 to spend on your home!?!?!?
I do realize that some folks do, and for that I will say, good for you. I personally do not.  

This week I wanted to make a little tweak to something. I didn't know what but I knew that there wasn't the funds to go large scale.  I have been considering doing some painting for a while, but that can easily turn into a $100-$150 + project.  I was looking for more like a $10 project.  The resolution, lightbulbs.

I have seen in a few blog pictures and in decor publications that designers are using round light bulbs instead of the traditional chandelier bulbs.  I thought sure why not.  I decided to try this with the light fixture in the butler's pantry as it only has 5 sockets.  The fixture that is in our dining room has apprxomately 26 bulbs in it. This was not the day to purchase 26 new bulbs.  Remember, $10 project. 

Early evening we stopped by the K-Roger (as we like to call it) to pick up some Friday night snacks and we whizzed down the light bulb isle.  There were my chandelier round bulbs, and Reveal at that!  I was so excited. Upon inspection, I placed 3 packs into our cart.  It's a good thing that I purchased 6 because, 1 of them turned out to be a dud. 

Folks don't you know that when we got home I ran right into the house to try them on!  

What a fun touch to this room! 
For under $10 I have a little fix'er up!

Now for an unrelated but always topical source for a laugh at the Dow-Ward house...
I'm sharing a photo of our big kitty, Handsome. 

Doesn't his life look rough? 

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