Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 Surprises from Warby Parker

I have posted about Warby Parker before on my blog. I decided back in the late winter that it was time to purchase new frames.  The pair I had been sporting I purchased right after the Canadian and I got married. At that point it was over 5 years. Now let me explain.  These frames were the Rolls Royce of frames, they had to last that long. And by golly I was stuck with them for 5 whole years to ensure I got every dropping penny out of them.  The lesson in that experience was that I will never pay that amount of money again for frames.  Absolutely ridiculous. Frames are like a scarf or earrings, you should be able to have options! And at $95 with Warby Parker, why in the world wouldn't that be an option! (?) !

For me, the process of selecting a frame took a little longer than it should have, totally my fault.
There were just to many good options. After having the same frames for 5 years I was a little bit more meticulous with my selection.  I would think about it for a few days, let it rest, then repeat. I finally stopped this process to let it breathe and a few weeks ago I finally selected a pair. Within 4 days (FOUR DAYS), they arrived to my home. TOTALLYEASY!

I was so totally excited to come home from work to find this little box waiting for me.  What a great surprise (#1) at the end of my work week. These folks are smooth operators.  They emailed me to confirm my order and poof like magic they arrived. I couldn't believe how easy this process was. 
 It was almost to good to be true. 

The specs come in this cute box inside the shipping box for safe keeping. 
Again, I was impressed. Not that I was expecting my frames to be wrapped in a kleenex or bubble wrap, but it was a nice surprise (#2).  
Come to think of it, I honestly didn't have an 
expectation as to how they would arrive.  But what a "good show" these folks put on!

Surprise #3.  They have a lovely hard shell box complete with the Warby Parker name. 
Totally hip.

Surprise number 4, although not a total surprise.

 I was glad to display my demi smile with my new specs. 
The ear to ear smile I was displaying on the inside seemed a little uncouth given how hip these frames are. And as for that bigger smile displayed inside, it is from knowing that with the purchase of my frames, somebody else has been given the chance to have a 20/20 perspective of the world! 

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