Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Thursday

We are having sun showers right now in Memphis. They are the oddest thing. Sun completely out...yet rain at full blast. I suppose that is a good drink for the grass since it has been about 140* in Memphis this week. And can you believe it, I wore jeans to work today.  That wasn't so smart while going out to to check stock in the Worlds Away warehouse. (oh dang)

This afternoon when I got off work, the Canadian (who is on major vay-cay) asked if I wanted to go get a coffee treat.  We never get to do that after work. Mostly because his workday goes from about 7:30am-10:00pm.  Which means, Handsome and I are left to our own vises.  And so on, it was such a great treat.

I usually resume my daily blog reading at approximately 5:30pm, today I have been pushed back to 6:45. For heaven's sake. Perhaps a good thing because I came along this little inspirational tidbit. I thought you might enjoy it too!  Happy Thursday, which means...tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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