Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There shall be light, but not through the window.

Question: Does anybody else go leave their house packing a tape measure?
This is become a habitual routine when I depart from our house.  You just never know when you're going to need to measure something.  This could be curtains, light fixtures, a console, a sofa a lamp. You really just never know where the day will lead you. Today, unfortunately, I left the trusty yellow Stanley's contractor grade 16' buddy at home.

After picking up my daily dose of Starbucks, I found myself at the new Worlds Away warehouse and showroom. They are totally still in the unpack phase, but I'm telling you I walked in and immediately had a smile on my face.  The newly developed bones of this operation is fabulous.  They have several rooms set up like vignettes at a market, all of which make my mind move with ideas like a wildfire.

Today, my mind was preoccupied with two particular items, light fixtures and curtains.

Potential living room fixture. 
As it would happen my electrician 
was there doing installs in the new building, 
he was on hand for residential consultation (ha!). 

Oh dear, where could I put this?!?

I spy a red fixture!

I would totally put this in my kitchen! 

ah, be still my heart

Ta-Da! I could hide some music in this dashing piece of furniture. 

After looking through the furniture portion of the showroom, I ventured back to the curtains and sewing department.  There displayed was rows, and rows, and more rows of beautiful fabric, and ready made curtains. Immediately I was drawn to a yellow/gold pair.  Now to my credit, this is a color/item that I have been very interested in for a while, I've just now had a place to put them....until recently (chuckle). 

As I'm sure you'll remember, last fall we had multiple rooms in our house painted.  One of them being the butler's pantry which we use as "home office". Prior to the painting it was an unusual yellowish yolky color.  It was okay, not anything worth gasping over, but none the less not the vibe I am going for. It totally works in other homes, but this one, not so much. Just to clarify. The newly painted room color was selected to blend with the gold plaster molding and light fixture that are original to the house. 

After the painting, this is what I'm working with around the window. 

As of today, this is what I am considering...

Adds a bit of punch don't you think? I do believe that the hardware will have to be changed and if so I'd like to put it closer to the ceiling rather than on the window frame.

What do WE think? 

These curtains for sure provide a different spin to the room's decor.  The white cotton panels are Pottery Barn specials that hold up nicely in the wash as the feline likes to dirty them on a regular basis. Black fur + white curtains = mess.  Having these silk curtains might not be as functional. So, check mark on the cons side for function, and about 3 check marks on the pros side for beauty.  

And speaking of beauty, as I'm typing this post I've got this beauty sitting next to me.  And by beauty I mean my assistant, Handsome. 

All photos: by me and yes they're on my ratty iphone 3gs...I should be buying a camera not curtains. 

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