Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I was out with a pal....just paling around and we started up the "antique" path that is also known as Summer Avenue. We stopped at a rather sketch establishment (is there an antique mall that isn't?). It has obviously been there for a long while...I'd just not noticed.  Please keep in mind, to the bulk of Memphians I am still a novice.  Frankly it is a miracle I know where Summer Avenue is.

Color me happy, it was a thunderous sun shower of fabulous things.  Some of the prettiest rugs I've ever seen, fabulous framed photos and even an item with a tag that read "risque ashtray"....seriously? 

The whole place made me purr.

One of the booths that I came across was full of mid century-nouveaux items. This couch being exhibit "a". And yes, I'm madly in love with it.  It is a light gray quilted silk upholstery and this very couch possesses one of my favorite qualities....1 seat cushion. It is practically perfect.

When I went to the counter to make an inquiry about this fine item...the man smiled before saying, "I'm not able to offer it for sale just yet as it is wrapped up in a bankruptcy trial."  (Par-done moi?) Naturally I had to chuckle as I had imagined that the man would say, this couch costs $___X____ but no...this couch is the bankruptcy couch.

So, I have to wonder even if this couch does come with an affordable price tag, does one invite items into their home that could possibly come with bad karma? Or do we really believe in that?


  1. Which of the multitude of sketch Summer places was this in? I think it is very cute on someone's loss is your gain!


    I was really quite impressed!

  3. it's not the couch's fault! if you love it, bring it home :)


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