Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kate Spade kick

For a long time, I mean a LLLLOOOONNNGG time I was a Kate Spade fanatic.  And naturally so, as Kate also hales from Kansas (City). My wedding and engagement (as well as senior recital) were coated in Kate Spade.  Then along came Tory...I do love Tory as well but she put Kate slightly on the back burner.

I enjoy their brightly covered/colored stores and extremely beautiful things.  Recently, I renewed my love affair with Kate Spade and her mix of red and hot pink.  (Golly it makes me go weak in the knees.) So many of her items are mixed with these two colors.  I would imagine that this color combination is one that many would veto during the selection process.

There are obviously many shades of red and pink, Kate uses a red/orange and an almost purple pink.  Regardless of the variation in this combo, I still find it to be a hit when I see the two colors paired together.


I've recently been having visions of (not sugar plums but) fabric.  I found a very beautiful red and hot pink upholstery at I've been watching it and had high hopes that it would go on sale.  Who wants to  pay a large price for upholstery, and especially not when you want 15 yards of it.
Today was my lucky day as it was nearly half price.


As of now I have no direct plan for where this will go.  I don't have the piece of furniture to put it on, but I intend for it to be on a piece in our newly painted "soot" sunroom.  And did I mention that I absolutely love it? I hope it is as pretty in person as it is on the web page. If not, fortunately has a good return policy! 

Back in November I wrote about my interest with camel back sofas and perhaps that is where this fabric will eventually land.  TIme and the fed ex man's delivery shall tell! 

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