Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Week 18

Obvious things:

1. Today is New Year's Eve Day!  Happy New Year "y'all"
2. We have been at my parent's house since Monday.
3. I have tried my darndest to follow my menu, and for a few very small exceptions (due to regional cuisine) I have stayed true to my food.
4. Tonight, since it is NYE we are having a FEAST worthy of an episode of Ina Garten or Julia Child.

I weighed myself before we left Memphis on Monday and I have not had access to scales since we left.  It is killing me.  I have been able to keep micro-track of my progress as the week goes along since the beginning of the study.  This week...not so much.

We will depart E-town on Saturday mid day and I know that upon our arrival in Memphis I will be eager to high jump the stairs to our master bathroom to check my "progress" during this holiday week.

I last went to the hospital Thursday, December 23rd to pick up food and weigh in.  When I went in, I picked up enough food for 11 days.  (I was totally amazed just how much food that is, as I had to haul it all out to my car.) So as my stash is dwindeling I'm looking forward to seeing how I've done during what is one of the toughest holiday weeks for food consumption of the year.

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