Friday, December 24, 2010

camel back sofa

Guess what arrived yesterday morning!  The lust is over...I don't have to search craigslist anymore, I have my own camel back sofa. 

Here's the craigslist photo. 

I was expecting the sofa to be a little more ice blue and a little less powder blue. 

I was a little surprised with the difference in color.  The sofa also did have a few dings in it as were clear when I looked at it during the delivery.  The gentleman just wanted this thing off his hands and out of his truck so I was able to negotiate a little better price.  He brought it in the living room and he was out of the driveway within seconds. 

Before he was back to the parkway, I had the couch looking like this...

The fabric has a few places that are faded and you can tell that this has been in the family for years.  The seller even told me that his mother had this recovered about 15-18 years ago and before that it was had stripped fabric on it. He said it was originally his grandmother's then she gave it to his mom, then his mom gave it to him when he moved into his house.  He then reported that it had been in his office for years sitting untouched. The seller was probably 6'5" and weighed probably 300-325.  "This thing's like doll furniture to me so I never sit on it." I thought that was a verifiable testimony.  Regardless, I could tell he was  interested to see that it went to a home that would care about it just as his family had for generations past. 

I've got some ideas as to where this piece will go once the Christmas trees are down.  Until then it is just parked in the middle of the room waiting for placement.  

Thanks, Santa for sending me this craigslist delight!  I'm very happy and merry indeed!

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