Friday, December 24, 2010

End of another week

At this point I can't remember which week I have just completed other than to say it is one that is in conjunction with holiday parties and lots of snacks that have come home from the church. And as an end result I did gain weight this week.  Alas, it was only 0.2 pounds but still.  I had hoped not to gain any weight.  The nurse that weighed me told me had I made one more trip to the restroom I probably wouldn't have had the problem.  At that point I attempted to go use the restroom but she had already taken my weight of story. Last week I lost over 4 pounds this week I gain 0.2...I don't really fell like I have anything to complain about.

The goal/strategy for the next week is to NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT.  I am not as hopeful that I will lose any weight but not gaining would certainly be nice.

If not...I'm feeling another round of fanatical Bikram Yoga come January 3.

Happy and Merry to all!

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