Saturday, December 11, 2010

weeks 14-15

Today is day 107.  I've not been to vocal about this process for the past 2 weeks because I, probably like many Americans celebrating the holiday season, have had a little more to eat than I would like to admit.

I have managed to keep losing weight, but it is not the same kind of noteworthy number as weeks past.

This past Friday I completed week 15 and as I left the hospital I realized that this was my least favorite weigh in day.  As I was getting on the scales I could feel the words escape my mouth, "We've had company for the past two weeks!" I felt like I needed to say that to myself as well as to the nurse who was holding my chart of progress from weeks past. Thankfully the nurses on this project aren't the types that would say something like, "Ewww, we didn't do as well this week did we now?"

I've tried to buckle down this week to regain some of my stamina to lose 2+ pounds per week as I close the remainder of this study.  I'm still in hopes that I am able to reach my overall goal.

As I go to sleep tonight my prayer will be something as follows:
Oh you lovely/dangerous holiday kind to me. And dear sweet Lord help ease my temptations. Amen  :)

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