Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of Week 16

Thanks be to G-O-D I'm feeling like I made some headway this week.  I went to weigh in today since they'll be closed tomorrow.  Nothing to scuttle-butt about as my weigh in today was satisfactory.
Total amount lost: 4.4 pounds. I'll take it, sold....done....hooray.

This week as I had hoped I really got back down to following my list of food.  Like a true fanatic, I took my little cooler with me everywhere this week. I carried my breakfast to eat in between church services, thus avoiding the bagel/donut cart.  I took my food with me to Lessons and Carols to eat between services, and let me tell you how difficult that was since the meal was catered.  WOOF, there I was in the church kitchen heating up my boxed food while others were dashing by with plates full of twice baked potatoes, roast and bread!  Yummy goodness, yes...but do my pants fit better this week because I resisted....YES!

As the holiday season moves on, I'm really trying to keep my forceful self going to make my goal.
I've got approximately 2.5 months left and am on track....let's keep all the prayers flowing and all the flanges crossed!

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  1. Oh me! I know your pain, little girl! I am oh so many years your senior and still fighting the same fight. I am now trying not to eat carbs. Seems they are what triggers my hunger. I am living on eggs, cheese and almonds. But like you, my jeans are looser. Good luck, Hil and Merry Christmas!


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