Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 4th day of Christmas

One of the best parts of the holiday season is going home to Kansas. The homeland of both Handsome and myself...or at least I say Handsome is from Kansas, Geoffrey remains that it is still possible that he could be from Canada. We pile in the car after the trifecta of Christmas services.  Christmas eve, Christmas day, and then the day after Christmas (which was Sunday this year) was super festive...when you work for THE church it makes things a little more "seasonal".  

As we embark on the drive to Kansas, Handsome spends the first 20 minutes to an hour SCREAMING at the top of his big kitty lungs and then he retreats to 1 of 2 places...either the darkness of the trunk or to the front seat (which is heated).  Once he takes his place on the front heated seat, I am then forced to ride the rest of the way in the backseat. Ridiculous? Yes, but for our "children" we do anything right? 

It makes him so puuurrrr-fectly happy!

Upon arriving at Mom and Dad's I had to do my grand inspection of the place.  This time it had been an entire year since I'd been home!  That doesn't seem possible.

Merry 4th day of Christmas!

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