Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Camel Back Sofa-The Sequel

In old news, I am on the hunt for a larger camel back sofa.  Today as luck would have it I found a camel back sofa on craigslist that not only matches the legs to my current love seat, but it also is covered in fabric that doesn't make me cringe when I look at it.  

(via: Hilary's super awesome, highly cracked, yet still works iPhone)

I phoned the seller to see if they would negotiate a price, but the price I suggested wasn't of interest so I said thank you and hung up.  After sitting and thinking about the couch, consulting a buddy, and re thinking my offer I phoned back for a second go.  No answer.  I thought I'd probably completely and totally insulted the guy.  I started to conclude that this blog post would read something to the persuasion of, "Yet another missed opportunity!" Just as I downloaded the photo to start the blog post the cellular rang and it was the seller. 

 (via: craigslist)

It is a possibility that this little dandy could be in my home by the week's end...We shall see. I was able to talk with the seller about the size, the condition etc. and will be back in touch with him tomorrow.  Perhaps my patience and has paid off, this could be better than I had hoped for. 

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