Friday, November 5, 2010

Queen Anne a.k.a Camel Back

I have a not so hidden love for the Queen Anne/Camel Back sofa.  I currently have one in my living room.  But it seems more like it is a chair and a half than a sofa (loveseat).  Regardless, I love that stylish thing just the same.  I bought it about 6 months ago, all gussied up and ready for delivery.  I'm interested in acquiring another one for the sunroom, this time in hopes that it will seat more than one behind.
I found one on craigslist in the Memphis area for a very good price and it is in excellent shape!  Though I don't know the exact dimensions of this QA/CB I feel like it looks bigger than my current piece. 

via Craigslist
I found two inspiration photos many months ago while I was in search of my current QA/CB and kept them because they are oh so beautiful. I love both styles of fabric, I would take both of these in my house.  The thing that I am curious about is: if this QA/CB came to live in your house with fresh upholstery would you put a skirt on it? I kind of like them both? But, what to do? What to do?

via Furbish Studio

via Furbish Studio

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