Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kate Spade summer prints now available

This weekend was Kate Spade friends and family, which was notification via email that you could get 25% off your purchase between April 8 and 9.  Naturally, I wanted to take advantage of this little
deal-e-o so I perused the pages of the Kate Spade web page to see what there was to have. My list is actually quite long and I would love to have anything and everything that they produce. 
But as we all know, there is wanting and there buying.  

One thing I was happy to see listed this weekend was the new set of Kate Spade Summer Prints. That was something I could handle. And with 25% off, sure why not. 

You remember these dandies from the Spring Set? 

January Print

February Print

March Print

I'm looking forward to adding them to the collection of Spring prints that I got for my birthday (also shown here)

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