Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Workforce

For the past year, I have been a full time seminary student, a piano and voice teacher, a staff singer at a church, a long term substitute, a mother to my kitty, and my husbands wife (this does not mean that I became overly domestic).  All very good things.   Good things, but one thing was missing.  That illuminous full time job. I have scouted out various options and was nearly to the point of securing my fate as a full time piano and voice teacher.  Which is awesome, who doesn't like working from home? With my faithful kitty as my assistant it was quite a fine set up.

On with the story...

About two weeks ago, my path took a turn as I was hired by my very favorite furniture company, Worlds Away. Located right here in Memphis. Haven't heard of the company? Here are a few photos of our goods!

The company sells to the trade, although there is a small retail business that functions for discontinued items and 2nds. This week has been quite a thrill, I've seen a lots of things, have talked to designers from all over the US and Canada and let me tell you...the first time I answered a call from Neiman Marcus, my heart nearly stopped.  That was quite a thrill.   Also, this week furniture was shipped to HBO for a set, and two tables went to Valerie Bertinelli for her private home. Well then.

Week 1 was a wild success and great fun, I hope week 2 is a duplicate!

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