Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road Trip al la April Fools.

On Friday (friday, friday, friday, ohhhh) we took a little road trip down to Oxford, Mississippi. Yet another Yankee sin has been saved from our poor newly Southern souls.  We have lived in Memphis almost FIVE years and we have now seen Ol' Miss. Like many things I've heard about in Memphis, I didn't understand the hype.  And like I said, my poor "Yankee" soul has been saved. It was beautiful.  Beautiful campus, everything so well manicured, everything UNLOCKED (which I forgot happens because we live in Memphis where you bolt things behind you). In Short, a very splendid day. 

I did not take many photos because (GASP) I was enjoying myself, and enjoying the company of my delightful hubbster, Geoffrey. 

I did managed to get just a few photos, but only because we ran into somebody famous.  And by famous I mean William Faulkner famous. I know right, really special.  So I thought it only appropriate that we have our photo taken together. He had a bit of a staring problem and he would not put his pipe out. Tsk, so rude! 

And can you believe famous as this guy is... 

all he really wanted to talk about was my purse!
Apparently it was intriguing to him since it looks like a typewriter. 

Happy April (Fool's Day).  Spring has sprung!
It will be time to buy your chocolate crosses and prepare for the Easter Bunny's visit soon!

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