Monday, April 25, 2011

4:00am call time

I have grown with the phrase "call time".  Since I was in about the 7th grade this term has dictated the timeline of not only myself but my family, and now my life as a married couple.  We frequently say in conversation, "oh, what's the call time for this (or that)?" Most of the time we use this phrase for something that is required of us, not for example for something such as a dinner reservation. Thusly, I'm declaring that next Friday morning, our call time to be in front of the television set is 4am.

Many Americans are saying 'bah-hum-bug" to this once in a lifetime ROYAL wedding celebration. I however, will not.  My Canadian husband (who tilts his hat to the Queen) will be up bright and early to watch this historical event.

If you are one of the party goers for said wedding celebration, here are a couple of items to help get you "in the mood".  Will's own mother and father had wedding memorabilia it's not hard to imagine that he (and his lovely bride) will have their own too!  Fortunately for us, living in 2011, we have better access than folks did in 1981.

So...Anybody need a 3:58am wake up call? 

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