Thursday, February 3, 2011


Monday was my birthday.  From my parents I received a set of prints from Kate Spade.  I immediately knew I wanted them framed pronto.  The set of prints (3 in total) are by 3 separate artists.  Over the next 12 months, Kate Spade will release 4 sets of prints from commissioned artists.  This is the first set of the year.  When considering frames, cost was obviously at the top of the list.  Framing 12 pieces is not only really expensive (given the size)  but also, where in the world am I going to hang 12 sizable 
I decided that ready made frames was the way to go so that when another set comes out, I can put them in the frames and keep on a truckin'. I looked a couple of different places for frames but decided on white on white frames for these prints. I purchased 3 from Target, the best part, they were on sale! 
One thing I found helpful this particular time was actually taking the prints with me.  In this case it was hard to imagine what would look the best.

After getting the frames home and putting the prints inside, I took the all 3 to a frame shop to have them put bumpers and hanging wires on them.  One way to goose up the frames.  (goose up = fix up)

While at Target I just happened to fine another little gem.  This lovely mirror.  
Like many  mass produced items, this one had weirdo hangers on it.  This little puppy also made the trip to the frame shop for a little TLC. 

I don't intend for it to stay in this spot but I wanted to get an idea of the scale of the new pieces so hung this one (which is the same size as the 3 white fames) up for further inspiration. 

Just as I started to hang the frames, just 25 minutes before my first student of the day was to arrive, I got a wild whim to start moving the furniture.  For heaven's sakes...could I be more impulsive? 
So for the afternoon this is what the living and sun room looked like. 

All the furniture piled in there.......

And a strange array over here.....

And out of the mouths of babes..."Ms. Hilary, are you redecorating....again?"

I have no idea why the first paragraph is underlined...
I can't fix it and when I try to retype and delete,
 it deletes the newly typed paragraph...GRRRR!

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  1. Those prints are brilliant! I love your home, it looks so comfy & inviting but still so stylish. The paragraph was no longer underlined when I read it by the way.



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