Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quite seriously, I just said "OMG"

For the past week I have been LOVING this bicycle by Kate Spade. 

Earlier this spring I suspected something was up when their add campaigns, 
featuring Bryce Dallas Howard, showed her on the exact same green bicycle. 

With many things, I have found that time shall tell and 
good things come to those who wait, 
and last week this dandy was revealed to the world for sale! 

You may purchase this beautifully shaded green
bicycle on line at Adeline Adeline. 

Photos via Google Images, Kate Spade, and Adeline Adeline. 


  1. Im not too fond of green....the bike itself is cute. I wonder how comfortable it is..I bought a bike last year and couldnt go too far because the seat was annoying. Im all about comfort now...

  2. You are right, I'll bet that seat is miserable. It's all leather, I don't think it looks like it has any padding. I'd be tempted to just hang this puppy up on the wall (on a wooden wall rack painted a lovely color) as a piece of art. That is, after I'd taken it for a few spins around the block or the Memphis green line.

  3. When I was a kid, my dad spray-painted a bike. You have to "sand" it down first with a metal brush, but I don't recall it being that difficult to do. This is a DIY that could easily happen. Bike baskets surely are easy enough to obtain - or create. Seats on older bikes can be switched out for something more comfortable in a jiffy. No need to spend whatever they're asking for this bike! :)


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