Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday

Yesterday was January 31, 2011...otherwise known as my encore 25th birthday.  I'm sticking to 25.  
The day began with a hug and a kiss from the hubbs and a big old fur filled whisker faced kitty wishing me happy birthday via his purrrr-dy face. 

Once I was vertical, the hubbs and I gave Handsome a snack and off we went on a lovely walk through midtown Memphis.  The weather was practically tropical, very hard to believe for January, as the day I was born there was so much snow (in central Kansas) that Mom and I had an extended stay in the hospital because the numerous snow plows in Greenwood County couldn't get up Main street to clear the roads.  Such a far cry to the short sleeved shirt I was wearing on  our walk. 

After home, we had a nice breakfast, some lovely conversation and the opening of my birthday box from Geoff and Handsome.  
K.S. purse from Geoff and Handsome

Box sent from Kansas (AKA from Mom and Dad)

What was in the box...

Up close at the earrings 
Following breakfast, presents, snuggling the kitty (that is always in the line up of activities) was time to start the rest of the day...

As I started to move towards this task...I got distracted and had to stop to pose this little venue by the piano.  The flowers are a tidbit from the alter flowers from church...posed next to a little "LOVE" I purchased at Walgreen's for $2.99...can we say cheap thrills?

Following my string of music students, I had school.  Pause for a yawn...doesn't seem like a fun thing to do on a birthday does it? Perhaps for most, but I love school.  No yawns here. 

After class was out, the hubbs and a handful of friends went to Bari...good fun on a "school night".  And a great way to end the birthday.  

As the day began today, i thought...goodness gracious...I'm a whole year older.  It was hard to say by to "24" and hello to "25"

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